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Kevin King

Designer Evening Bags for Spring and Summer

Enjoy amazing new clutch purse designs fresh from our North Carolina design studio. An extraordinary mix of color, fabric textures, and patterns along with that Teramasu Twist makes these designer purses stand out in a crowd! Find Your Style at Teramasu. Enjoy this Video featuring a selection of the newest designs from the Grace Collection of clutch purses by Teramasu.  

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Anchors Away! New Sea Life and Nautical Jewelry!

 Enjoy the transcript below the video with images and link to the featured sea life and nautical jewelry. I'm doing a preview of the new Teramasu sea life and nautical bracelets.These are great little stretch bracelets, and they come in multiple colors.The first one we're going to look at is the nautical bracelets. As you can see onthis, we have, in the center, we have a really cute little ship's wheel. Next to it on the right over here, you can see the sailboat. It has goldand turquoise on this one, with the turquoise enamel. The anchor here, ofcourse, which...

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Teramasu Flower Jewelry Collection

Teramasu has a colorful collection of flower jewelry ranging from filigree flower earrings to crystal flower necklaces. We hope you enjoy this video featuring some of our favorite flower fashion jewelry! Below is a transcription of this video on the Teramasu Flower Jewelry Collection  Narrator: This is the Teramasu Flower Jewelry collection and I amgoing to show you a few pieces today in our collection. Wehave several necklaces. This one right here is a coral andcrystal flower necklace and its a beautiful piece and its on a gold chainand the little flowers that you can see have littlecrystals in the center...

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