Teramasu Flower Jewelry Collection

Teramasu has a colorful collection of flower jewelry ranging from filigree flower earrings to crystal flower necklaces. We hope you enjoy this video featuring some of our favorite flower fashion jewelry!

Below is a transcription of this video on the Teramasu Flower Jewelry Collection 

Narrator: This is the Teramasu Flower Jewelry collection and I am
going to show you a few pieces today in our collection. We
have several necklaces. This one right here is a coral and
crystal flower necklace and its a beautiful piece and its on a gold chain
and the little flowers that you can see have little
crystals in the center right here. Then we have the
whole crystal flower and we have got this which is a really
pretty crystal flower with a clear crystal in the middle. That is one of
our top selling pieces there.

The next necklace you are going to see over here to the
right is also enduring very well this year and
flowers of course are very in this year. This is a multi
beaded pearl in the center and we have several of those on this and we got
some beautiful topaz colors on this necklace as well. So
its a really pretty piece.

The next thing we are going to see are our favorite
crystal flower earrings and this actually come in two
colors one with the gold finish and one with the silver
finish. Then we add beautiful crystals inside of this piece and its really
a stunning piece.

The next item we are looking at are some of our filigree
flower earrings and we have couple silver filigree
flower earrings. This one right here has the filled
pearls on the bottom right here and these are both in tear drop design and
this one as you can see has flowers throughout the pattern
here. So its really a pretty piece. The silvers always
match. Silver is one of the most popular color.

Over here to the right we have got couple different flower
items. This is a black flower ring and it has
crystals all the way around and is set in a gold settings.
Right behind it you see and of course it has gold stretch band as well.

Right behind it you are going to see the flower tear drop
earring and these come in a turquoise color and they
also come in a coral color which I am going to show you in a
little bit.

Over here in center of our collection we have a beautiful
green flower with a gold crystal flower and this is all on a
gold chain. Over here we have a couple of flower rings
that have a little filled pearl bands and they are also stretch ring. In
the center we have little filled pearls and crystal in the
center and each flower is tipped with crystals on the
ends which gives it a dazzling look.

So over here behind it you are going to see a yellow
flower ring which is also a stretch ring and this
have a gold border around each one. So it gives you the
stunning little glamour and in the center you have a crystal and we have a
matching bracelet for it which has shimmer you can see
once I turn it there is a shimmer on each side of the
bordering of the flower and it has got a nice beaded
four strand stretch bracelet. You get it with this.

That is our final piece right here, these are the flowers
I told you about that we saw in the turquoise before
and here they are in coral and that is also a really
pretty piece. Then the final bracelet that we are going to look at over
here is similar to the yellow one that we just looked
at. It has the four strand stretch bracelet as well
and it has the gold border.

So that is the Teramasu Flower Collection and if you click
on the link in this video you can see all of our jewelry
collections including the flower collection at Teramasu.com.
Thank you.

by Kevin King

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