A Mission to Inspire Women in a Meaningful Way

A Mission to Inspire Women in a Meaningful Way


The Story behind the Follow Your Heart Motivational Jewelry

Successful Entrepreneurs Terrie Moses and Sharon King, creators of the Follow Your Heart Sterling Silver Jewelry Locket, started with an idea and turned it into a mission. The purpose was to create a way to inspire women in a meaningful way.

Both Terrie and Sharon had businesses in the jewelry and accessories industries and both were big believers in motivation and empowering women. Having had success in business both knew the power and importance on not only having goals but specifically having written goals.

They wanted to come up with a way to teach women about goal setting to help them achieve their hopes and dreams. Given their back grounds it was second nature to incorporate what they knew about fashion and combine that with their knowledge of goal setting.  

GOALS + Jewelry = Follow Your Heart Jewelry

So they began the process of creating a piece of jewelry that could capture the essence of your inner most desires and your highest aspirations. It had to be a heart. It was all about what is inside of your heart.

Now the question became, how do you  incorporate goals into a piece of heart jewelry in a meaningful way? The answer was poetic “open your heart”. The heart had to open so it had to be a locket. The next question was material. It had to be something special if it would hold your hopes and dreams, something that would impart the special importance of what was to be carried in this precious heart. Sterling Silver was the metal chosen for its brilliance and elegance. It was decided that a link chain bracelet and necklace would be created. With a bracelet you could look down and see it on your wrist through out the day as a constant reminder of your goals. With the necklace you would see it and be reminded every time you looked into the mirror and your goals would always be close to your heart.

  A beautiful embroidered pouch was created to make this a special presentation when the Follow Your Heart Jewelry was given as a gift and as a special place to keep your jewelry when you were not wearing it. Inside the pouch were specific step by step instructions on how to set and write down your goals. Specific goals could be put inside the locket to keep them ever present and close to your heart.

The Follow Your Heart Jewelry was featured on the Today show on NBC and in US Weekly Magazine.





Instructions for Goal Setting from Follow Your Heart

Write it down…Make it Happen!


Business                   Spiritual                  Career             Adventure              Relationship

Educational              Health                    Wealth           

Set your Goals accomplish your Dreams and Live Life Abundantly!

Goal Setting is your road map to success. To achieve the goals that are closest to your heart:

  1. Find a quite place.
  2. Decide what you want to achieve in life.
  3. Write down your Dreams and they become Goals.
  4. Put them in Priority the most important first.
  5. Place them in your Follow Your Heart Locket.
  6. Each day take some action toward your Goal.

Believing in the power of your Dreams when you know what you want from life, anything and everything is possible. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Your motivational bracelet with your goals inside will become a reminder to …Follow Your Heart!

If you are looking for that spark, the Follow Your Heart Jewelry makes a perfect gift for yourself because you are worth it! It is a great gift for husbands to give to their wives to let them know that her dreams are important to him. It makes a special gift for Mothers and Fathers to give to their daughter to guide them on their path to success. It is also a great gift to give to your granddaughter a special memento she will never forget. Whether as a Valentine's Day gift, a Birthday gift, a graduation gift, a Christmas gift or an anniversary gift  Follow Your Heart Jewelry will always make a lasting impression.

Follow Your Heart Bracelet Video

Follow Your Heart Necklace Video

Video Transcript: This is a preview of the Follow Your Heart Locket. It's a necklace made of sterling silver and it's a filigree on the front side, then a smooth silver on the backside. It can wear either way.

What's unique about the Follow Your Heart jewelry is it's motivational jewelry. It comes in this beautiful embroidered pouch right here. On the inside it's got a card that tells you how to set your goals so that you can achieve the dreams that are closest to your heart. It has them for all the different categories here; whether it's your business, your career, your
spiritual, your relationships,, it's all in here. It has step by step instructions on how to go through the process of setting your goals.

That is the Follow Your Heart necklace. It opens up. There's a little jeweler's clasp on the side so you can just pop that open and open up the locket. There it is right there. As you can see it's filigree on one side and solid on the other side.

So check out the Follow Your Heart Locket. It's available at Teramasu. You can check us out at Teramasu.com. It's the Follow Your Heart necklace

by Kevin King

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