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Moonstone "The Lovers Stone" Earrings Perfect For Valentine's Day

Teramasu handmade moonstone earrings are the perfect gift for your lover this Valentines Day. Gorgeous Beautiful Iridescent Moonstone is known as ' The Lovers Stone '. Moonstone is also known to bring good fortune and enhances intuition. Moonstone is a very personal stone and brings success in love as well as inspiration....
February 08, 2017 by Kevin King

Double Pearl Choker Necklace - The Perfect Anniversary or Birthday Gift

Double Pearl Choker Necklace - The Perfect Anniversary or Birthday Gift

Designer Handmade Pearl Choker By Teramasu

Pearls make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for that special anniversary gift or a sensational birthday gift, the Teramasu  Pearl Long and Short Necklace is more than the perfect gift because it is two necklaces in one. 

December 08, 2016 by Kevin King

Pearl Choker Necklace Handmade by Teramasu

Pearl Choker Necklace handmade in North Carolina by Teramasu

This designer pearl choker necklace by Teramasu is handmade in the Pinehurst North Carolina studio of Teramasu. Stand out at your holiday cocktail party this year with a genuine one of a kind piece of Jewelry by Teramasu. 

November 04, 2016 by Kevin King

Hand-made Green Onyx Earrings For The One You Love

Green onyx moon stone 24k gold filled earring by Teramasu
These beautiful designer earrings 24k gold filled moonstone green onyx earrings are the accessory and symbol of love for the special woman in your life. Moonstone, known as the lovers stone, has a special significance when given as a gift.
October 19, 2015 by Kevin King

3 Stunning Ways to Dress Country Chic With Helen's Heart Bling Boots

Helen's Heart bling boots are not just for Proms and western weddings

Dress Country Chic With Helen's Heart Bling Boots and the Tusk Horn Necklace

Our fist set is bring together two hot trends where Country girl meets boho chic. This clean country girl chic outfit could strut in style down the street of Charleston as effortlessly as streets of Santa Monica.
March 27, 2015 by Kevin King

Crystal for Christmas...the perfect gift

The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift for Her

December 10, 2014 by Kevin King

Helen's Heart Sparkle Bling Boots

These Western bling boots are the perfect accessory for a cowboy and cowgirl wedding. Teramasu has the best prices for Helen's Heart Western Bling Boots!

Shop for Boots Now! See all styles of Helen's Heart Bling Boots

See A video of the Silver Sequin Bling Boot..

July 27, 2014 by Kevin King

Step into the Latest Styles of Helen's Heart Sandals and Shoes this Summer!

These opened toe slide sandals come in  a fantastic selection of colors and styles. The Crystal bow sequin shoes are the perfect shoe for a Summer Cocktail party.
May 08, 2014 by Kevin King

Summer Fashion Shopping at Your Favorite Online Women's Clothing Boutique

Amazing New Fashions are here for Summer! We have a preview of the latest styles and trends available in apparel and accessories at your favorite southern clothing boutique.

Teramasu loves the colors of Summer and you will love the cute outfits, with your favorite accessories. From amazingly comfortable stylish sandals designer sandals from Helen's Heart, whimsical bicycle print skirt you will fall in love with the new Summer collection at Teramasu.

 Whether you shop online at or come into our Boutique in Southern Pines, North Carolina, you will be delighted with your shopping experience.   

The video below gives a preview of the accessories and Apparel available at Teramasu.

You can enjoy the audio text of the video tour of Teramasu in the next Paragraph.

Kevin: This is Kevin from Teramasu. Today we are doing a preview of the Teramasu Southern Clothing Boutique in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Terrie, can you tell me a little bit about the store here today.  Terrie: Yes. We opened our store in Southern Pines last October. We are featuring handbags from Teramasu, also shoes, jewelry, apparel and ladies accessories.  Kevin: And then we have some really cool purses here. Can you tell us about these Purses. Terrie: Yes. Also this purse line has been really amazing. It is called a convertible purse. It has a zipper in the front and the side converts from a handbag handle to a shoulder strap and these have been very popular. They come in a lot of different colors and designs. Kevin: Very cool. Terrie: We also have the Teramasu Designer purse line. This is the Grace purse from Teramasu. This clutch has also been very, very popular, and comes in this flower print. It has an adorable fabric on the inside as well. Kevin: And these are all made in Pinehurst and Southern Pines, North Carolina? Terrie: Yes they are. They are made in our design studio. We also carry the amazing Helen's Heart shoes. This is a wedge slide shoe from Helen's Heart.


We have many colors and many different designs, very comfortable shoe line. We also have statement jewelry. This is one here that is perfect for summer. It is a floral design print.  Kevin: And tell me a little bit about the apparel that you carry. Terrie: Yes. We have started to really increase our designers in the apparel line. We are carrying really amazing blouses that have a little three button gold on them, as well as shorts, beautiful skirts and dresses. We are also carrying the really popular maxi dresses as well as the high-low dresses. One of our other designs that we carry is this one here. It is a couple of designers that are out of North Carolina, here. That is a nice coral and turquoise print with the three gold buttons. Kevin: Is that Southern Frock, is that who that is? Terrie: Yes. It is by Southern Frock. They are out of coastal, North Carolina. We are excited to have their blouses in here.  Kevin: Cool. So we have jewelry, apparel, we have handbags, and we have shoes. It sounds like we have a little bit of everything, lots of very colorful jewelry, and an amazing selection of fantastic apparel especially for the summer time. And check out and you check out our Online WomensClothing Boutique and if you click the link in the description below this video, you will be able to go directly to and check out purses and apparel, jewelry, shoes, and more. So, check us out at




These Designer Evening Bags Have The Stars And Are Ready for the Red Carpet!

The New Collection of designer clutch evening bags by Teramasu has color and style to set you apart even in the most fashionable crowd. This collection is ready for the runway. Featuring sophisticated designs that are playful yet elegant and graceful. The Grace Collection has soft contours with rich woven and printed fabrics giving you an adorable accessory sure to catch the attention of every eye on the red carpet.  With design elements ranging from crystal starfish to vibrant flower charms these clutch purses have the ability to draw the attention of every style admirer.


The purses rich yellow fabric is soften by the pastel flower charm and contrasting black and white scalloped trim.

This stylish evening bags stands out with its bold orange and glimmering crystal starfish against the shapely black and white trim. This Designer bag is the perfect compliment to your favorite coastal accessories like starfish and sea life jewelry.

The Classic Black evening bag has a new twist with Teramasu spark of color and contrast featuring a yellow flower charm.


The Audrey Collection has sleek lines lend an air of sophistication worthy of the jet setting elite. 


Living Large with this grand yellow floral print, the black flower finishes this handbags design nicely.

Flowers never looked so beautiful as they do with this playful red flower pattern evening bag featuring a sophisticated black flower charm with crystal to make stunning fashion statement.

Enjoy this video featuring these elegant clutch purses with a delightful jazz.

March 27, 2014 by Kevin King