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Moonstone "The Lovers Stone" Earrings Perfect For Valentine's Day

Teramasu handmade moonstone earrings are the perfect gift for your lover this Valentines Day. Gorgeous Beautiful Iridescent Moonstone is known as ' The Lovers Stone '. Moonstone is also known to bring good fortune and enhances intuition. Moonstone is a very personal stone and brings success in love as well as inspiration....
February 08, 2017 by Kevin King

Double Pearl Choker Necklace - The Perfect Anniversary or Birthday Gift

Double Pearl Choker Necklace - The Perfect Anniversary or Birthday Gift

Designer Handmade Pearl Choker By Teramasu

Pearls make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for that special anniversary gift or a sensational birthday gift, the Teramasu  Pearl Long and Short Necklace is more than the perfect gift because it is two necklaces in one. 

December 08, 2016 by Kevin King

Pearl Choker Necklace Handmade by Teramasu

Pearl Choker Necklace handmade in North Carolina by Teramasu

This designer pearl choker necklace by Teramasu is handmade in the Pinehurst North Carolina studio of Teramasu. Stand out at your holiday cocktail party this year with a genuine one of a kind piece of Jewelry by Teramasu. 

November 04, 2016 by Kevin King

Follow Your Heart for Valentine's Day

The Follow Heart Bracelet is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for the Ideal gift for someone you love, the “Follow your Heart” jewelry is a wonderful choice not just because it is a beautiful Heart Locket bracelet in sterling silver, but because it shows that you are truly interested in showing them a path to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Below is a video showing the Follow Your Heart Bracelet.

Follow Your Heart

Write it Down… Make it Happen!

Choose a goal for one of these chapters of your life:










Live Abundantly

To Help you Achieve your most important goals in life.

Goal setting is your road map to success. To achieve the goals that are closest to your heart:

1.Find a quiet place.

2.Decide what you want to achieve in life.

3.Write down your Dreams and they become goals.

4.Put them in priority, the most important first.

5.Place them in your Follow Your Heart Locket.

6.Each day take some action toward your goal.

Believe in the power of your Dreams when you know in your heart what you want from life, anything and everything is possible. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Your motivational bracelet with your goals inside will become a reminder to… Follow Your Heart.

Click Here to Get the Follow Your Heart Bracelet Now!

7.25 in toggle bracelet

Heart ¾ in W x ¾ in H x 5/16in D


by Kevin King

January 23, 2014 by Kevin King

Teramasu Sea Jewelry Collection Features New Sea Glass Jewelry


Teramasu has an extensive collection of sea jewelry and we are always looking to add new unique sea life jewelry. Our latest editions to the Beach Jewelry Collection are the Shell Jewelry Collection and Sea Glass Jewelry Collection by Designer Charles Albert. These beautiful bracelets incorporate real shells and sea glass creating a unique one-of-a-kind look for each bracelet.  

If you are not familiar with sea glass, which is also known as beach glass, ocean glass or mermaid tears, it is glass that has been smoothed by the movement of the water over many years and can be found around the globe on beaches and lakes. Each piece is unique which makes sea glass   a perfect choice for jewelry designers and artist  to use in their sea jewelry creations.   The Bracelet above is a beautiful piece of sea jewelry incorporating sea glass and authentic shells. The centerpiece of this sea life bracelet is the beautiful Pearl Nautilus shell. The Nautilus shell has two exquisite pieces of sea glass on either side of it. The first piece of sea glass is a deep sapphire blue lending an extraordinary air of elegance to this shell bracelet. The next piece is an aqua blue sea glass piece which evokes visions of the tropical waters full of colorful sea life. The next two shells are the Florida prickly cockle on the left and the cowrie shell on the right. These shells are about the same size balancing the shell bracelet dimension nicely with the sea glass bracelet. The final piece of green sea glass in this Charles Albert Designed bracelet is a beautiful hue of emerald green. The beauty of sea glass jewelry is that each piece may have several shades of color which take on different tones in various lighting conditions giving this sea glass bracelet added dimensions.  All of the amazing shells and sea glass featured in this toggle sea jewelry bracelet are set in Charles Albert’s   Alchemia “Zero Karat Gold”.  

The sea glass bracelet above is composed entirely of sea glass pieces set in Alchemia “Zero Karat Gold”. This bracelet includes seven pieces of sea glass each with its own unique shape. This bracelet has unique earth tones with four of the pieces in shades of green, two in shades of white, and one in amber. This toggle sea glass bracelet would make a great edition to your designer jewelry collection.

We have seen the combination bracelets incorporating sea glass and shells creating beautiful sea jewelry and we have seen the sea glass bracelet, now let’s look at the amazing shell bracelets by Charles Albert.  


This magnificent shell bracelet is an example of true artistic design. Using authentic sea shells set in  Alchemía “zero karat gold”,  this bracelet includes seven unique shells ranging from the cockle shell to the conch shell. Below is an image of the same designer shell bracelet showing its brilliant detail up close and highlighting the warm cream and brown tones of this striking creation.


Our final sea shell bracelet that we are featuring in this article proves the timeless adage “sometimes less is more”. The Shell Bracelet below is a stunning example of sea jewelry featuring four unique shells with the warmth of brown and cream set in Alchemia “zero karat gold”. The star of this bracelet is the dazzling pearl nautilus shell with its brilliant luster draws your gaze. The nautilus shell is perfectly complemented by the light and dark browns and shades of white in the remaining trio of exquisite shells.


The next Image of this Pearl nautilus bracelet shows off the finely crafted artisan setting by designer Charles Albert.


I hope you have enjoyed a preview of our new designer sea jewelry. They are both beautiful examples of beach glass jewelry, as well as, examples of shell jewelry.    We are excited to have such stunning pieces of designer jewelry in the Teramasu Sea Life Collection.

Below are selections of are fashion starfish jewelry and sea life jewelry. This collection focuses on fun tropical colors like turquoise blue and coral orange. With items ranging from products like enamel starfish pendant necklace to glamorous crystal starfish earrings, you will find enticing pieces of jewelry to add to your resort jewelry collection.  I hope you enjoyed the featured jewelry presented in this article please let us know on facebook, twitter or your favorite social media which jewelry was your favorite item.

by Kevin King