Anchors Away! New Sea Life and Nautical Jewelry!

 Enjoy the transcript below the video with images and link to the featured sea life and nautical jewelry.

I'm doing a preview of the new Teramasu sea life and nautical bracelets.
These are great little stretch bracelets, and they come in multiple colors.
The first one we're going to look at is the nautical bracelets.

As you can see on
this, we have, in the center, we have a really cute little ship's wheel.

Next to it on the right over here, you can see the sailboat. It has gold
and turquoise on this one, with the turquoise enamel. The anchor here, of
course, which anchors are super popular and perfect preppy bracelet. Then,
we have the lifesaver here. So, you've got a really nice bracelet, and then
you've got the repeating motifs on the H-1, going right around the bracelet
Then, we also have the sea life bracelet. The sea life bracelet has all of
your favorite sea life. As you can see right here, we've got the seahorse.

This is like a mint green, which is really cool. Over to the left here, we
have the sand dollar. As we zoom in on this, you can really see it's got a
great detail on the sand dollar. Then, you'll also see it's got a great
little gold starfish here, and then the scallop shell. So, you've got all
your sea life favorites. We've got the seahorse, if I didn't mention that.
Then, they repeat all around in the same motifs. So, these are great
bracelets. They're stretch bracelets, so as you can see, one size fits
most. We have them in a variety of colors.

You can see that we have
beautiful coral over here in the sea life, so we got the turquoise, the
coral, and then of course a very elegant black over here. So, that is the
sea life.
Then over here in the nautical, we've got all your favorite nautical
colors. We've got the turquoise here, and we have the coral, and of course
everybody's favorite, the navy blue. So, these are great nautical
bracelets, and then we have the great sea life bracelets. That's the
Teramasu sea life and nautical bracelets, brand new. You can click the
detail description below this video, and the link will take you straight to, where you can see all of our wonderful new bracelets. Thank

by Kevin King

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