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We have introduced amazing new pieces to our sea life jewelry collection. Teramasu is a southern clothing boutique where you can find one of the finest selections of coastal inspired jewelry and clothing accessories.

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The images at the top of this post are a sampling of the new sea life jewelry  we will be reviewing in the video. The review will also include collages accessorizing outfits using  the featured starfish jewelry, seahorse jewelry, and sea life jewelry.

The first outfit featured has a green dress with a turquoise enamel and gold starfish necklace.  A pair of crystal encrusted starfish earrings are the perfect match to this little beach outfit. The turquoise nautical bracelet features all of your favorite nautical symbols including a sail boat, life preserver, ships wheel, and, of course, and anchor to add a little prep to your outfit. The final piece is the enamel and gold seahorse bracelet with crystal eyes and a crystal crown. This seahorse bracelet is as fun as the outfit and ready for the beach. The perfect accessories for this outfit in green


Beach House

  This next outfit with vibrant and colorful orange and coral tones is perfect for pairing starfish jewelry and accessories for your next tropical vacation. This outfit features two seahorse bracelets. The first is a wavy wide cuff coral sea life bracelet featuring a gold seahorse with a starfish and scallop shell each adorned with crystals. This elegant hinged cuff is perfect for a night out in Palm Beach. The second seahorse bracelet features a large seahorse in gold with striking coral beads and crystals. This sea life bracelet also features all your sea life favorites including crystal studded starfish, sand dollars, scallop shells, and more seahorses. This beautiful stretch bracelet is both elegant and fun and a perfect match for this outfit. Two necklaces suited this outfit so well we are going to leave the choice to you. The first is a coral enamel and gold starfish necklace features on the dress. This vibrant necklace will catch everyone’s attention. The necklace to the left is a beautiful starfish charm necklace with a gold starfish, gold sand dollar, and a coral bead charm on a beautiful chain. You will be pleased which ever starfish necklace you choose. The final pieces of jewelry in this outfit are the coral crystal gold starfish ball earrings. They are fun and colorful and perfect for any occasion on your next beach vacation.  The last item in the outfit is a striking orange clutch purse by Teramasu. It has been adorned with a silver starfish pin to match the tropical occasion. This outfit brings all of your beach fashion together.

Orange Crush



The final outfit featured brings together the colors of the sea and sun against the classic tropical white. The first piece of jewelry featured is a fun but sophisticated white and gold seahorse bracelet with crystal eyes and crown. The yellow skirt shows nicely with gold tones of the jewelry and invoke visions of the tropical sun. The white shirt will contact nicely with the turquoise and gold starfish charm necklace featuring the sand dollar charm. The turquoise and gold braided earrings engender thoughts of nautical ropes on tropical seas. This final piece of jewelry in this ensemble is a beautiful turquoise blue nautical bracelet featuring the ships wheel, anchor, sail boat, and life saver. This bracelet goes perfect with the theme of the outfit and is the perfect final edition to complete it. All of these out fits show the amazing looks that can be accomplished by having an amazing sea life jewelry collection. Start building you vacation jewelry collection and see how easily you can put together an amazing outfit. It all Starts by having a few striking pieces of sea life jewelry. You can tailor your outfit to your own taste. Whether you love starfish jewelry, seahorse jewelry, shell jewelry or sea life jewelry in general, there are plenty of options to accessorize. It only requires a few pieces to start accessorizing and get that perfect beach outfit. First pick a theme such as starfish. Then Find the colors that are best for you. Say, maybe, turquoise. You can build a nice tropical outfit around neutral colors like a white blouse and light yellow skirt as seen in our last outfit. The key is to begin. Have fun and enjoy the process. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You will get it and you’ll knock them dead on you next trip to the beach. Check out the rest of our post and see some of the items that we featured in other colors.   


Tropical Sunshine

This video transcription is available following the post with pictures of the featured sea life jewelry for your reading pleasure.


Today we're showing the new introductions to the Teramasu Sea Life Jewelry collection, and what we're going to do is we're going to show you some bracelets and some necklaces and also some earrings. So let's get started with our newest introductions. We have this beautiful petite bracelet, and this bracelet features all of your favorite sea life. This is a very elegant black.

As you can see, if I zoom in on it, these are very detailed. You can really see all of the details. This one features the scallop shell, and it's flanked on both sides by starfish in gold and it has the black enamel. This right here, we have a beautiful sand dollar, and as I zoom in on it, you can really see the little star pattern right on there. So very detailed, beautiful piece. As we can see, the next piece is going to be the seahorse, which is a very nice, detailed seahorse here. We've got the scallop shell and then the starfish and sand dollar and seahorse. This is a very elegant piece. It's nice because it fits pretty much all wrists, one size fits most, and it also comes in a variety of colors. The next one is going to be this sea life bracelet in turquoise. As you can see, it's really a pretty light turquoise, and it kind of reminds you of the colors of the sea. So it's perfect for a sea life jewelry collection. It gives you definitely that fun feeling like you're on a cruise, and this is the perfect jewelry to wear on your next cruise. The next color that we're going to look at, of course, is coral, and the coral and turquoise are, of course, really the fun colors of the ocean. When you think about tropical sea life, you think of bright fun colors, and these two color bracelets are going to be a perfect addition to your next sea life jewelry collection for this year. Those are the petite bracelets. Then we have more of a statement bracelet coming up next that we're looking at.

This bracelet features a much larger seahorse than the other bracelet, and that's the statement piece is the seahorse. As you can see, it's flanked by a sand dollar and also a starfish. So this piece really is a very elegant piece. It's got the white stones on it, and it's also a stretch bracelet. It's got seashell, a really detailed sand dollar again, and we've got the little seahorse and the two starfish. We've got the small starfish right next to the larger starfish. But they have a really nice flowy motion to them, almost as if they're in the water. So it really gives you that calm feeling, but it's also a very elegant piece. This is also a stretch bracelet, of course. It comes in a more tropical color. If you want a little more punch of color, this is the perfect bracelet for you. It has all the same wonderful sea life around the bracelet, and you can see that it really takes on a lot of different colors as you get into the light and it shimmers and shines and it's really going to grab people's attention. So it's beautiful for a cocktail party or going out to the beach for dinner. It's really a nice piece. The next piece we're looking at is going to be these two beautiful, wavy bracelets, and these are bangle bracelets that have a hinge.

So it opens up. It runs a little bit small, but it's really quite the statement piece for going out. It features the seahorse, of course. As you can see, it's got the crystal eye. You can see the shimmering crystals on the seashell here, and then, over here, you can see the beautiful starfish. You see the wavy pattern to it, very tropical. It's got a nice weight to. It's the enamel over metal, and, of course, it's got the gold charms on both sides of the bracelet. Of course, we have it also in the coral color, which is a really fun color too and it goes with that tropical theme. So beautiful bracelets. The next thing that we're going to look at is another seahorse, but it's in a little different style. These seahorse bracelets are very colorful seahorses, but they're also very unique, and you don't see this a lot on a seahorse bracelet.

It really has a nice crown that is all crystal here. So that's really a very cool piece, and it really catches the light with the crystals and the crown. So it just adds that little touch of elegance to the fun with the turquoise color over enamel over metal. It's a hinge bracelet. It's tapered in the back, and it's wider in the front. So it really fits nicely on the wrist also. We've got also the coral seahorse, coral and gold, and you can really see it really shine in the light there. Perfect addition, of course, as I said, maybe for a cruise or an elegant night out at a nice restaurant in Palm Beach. Get away from the snow and get into the summer sun or the spring sun, hopefully coming soon to a beach near you. But this is the perfect jewelry to wear. Very elegant seahorse in black and then also in white is really nice for those tropical vacations. So the next piece we're going to look at is a charm necklace. As you can see, the charms, of course, again, are very detailed. You've got the beautiful starfish, you've got the sand dollar, and you've got the little turquoise charm.

You've got a really ornate necklace. It has an extender chain on it. This is also nice because it comes with little, very petite, very nice little gold starfish earrings, which is a nice little addition. The next piece that we're going to look at is the same. Also, if you happen to be the coral lover and like the orange tones, this is the one for you as opposed to the turquoise necklace. And, of course, like I said, very detailed. You've got the sand dollar and the coral charm and the beautiful starfish with the little wavy arms on it. Then, of course, this also has the matching starfish earrings as well. The next piece we're going to look at is really a stunning, very fun tropical colored necklace. The feature of this necklace is, obviously, this beautiful scallop shell. You can see the crystals and the coral on this piece. So it's very ornate. As we look a little closer, we can see the starfish on both sides, with the little crystal in the center. Then this side over here has the seahorse, and it's a nice little metal charm over here. On the other side, we have the sand dollar and the scallop shell with the starfish. Then, of course, you've got the little coral balls on here as well. So it's a beautiful necklace. This is our new Teramasu Sea Life Jewelry collection, and you can find all of these pieces by clicking on the description link in the bottom of this video. It will take you right to our site where you can see our entire sea life jewelry collection. Thank you for tuning in to Teramasu.


 by Kevin King

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