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 Teramasu has an amazing elegant sea life jewelry collection featuring all of your favorite sea life. We have bracelets, necklaces and earrings featured in starfish jewelry , seahorse jewelry, and sea life jewelry. Included in  our selection of the sea life jewelry we have starfish, seahorses, sand dollars, scallop shells, and nautilus shells. The sea life jewelry images below show a selection of each of our jewelry collections.


A link is provided for you to view more Sea Life Jewelry.


The video below features a look at the Teramasu Starfish Bracelets. 



We're looking at starfish bracelets today. And this is our collection of
starfish charm bracelets.

This one right here has the sundial shells on it and it's got the faux
pearls and it's got the clear beads. And it also has the metal beads as
well, which are like little metal pearls. And it has the little faux pearl
in the center of the starfish as well. And this has been one of top
selling charm bracelets and it's the perfect charm bracelet if you're going
on a cruise or taking a tropical vacation.

If you like the colorful charm bracelets we have this also in turquoise
with the same sort of charm. This has the little faux pearl on it. The
turquoise is one of our best-selling colors. And then we also have it in a
coral and green as well. And it's got the beaded bracelet and it's a
stretch so it works for just about every size wrist. We also have it in
the clear, here, which has an amber colored bead with it.

Another great bracelet that we have is this little bracelet right here that
has the fish and it has the seahorse and it has the starfish and they're
all encrusted with crystals. And then you'll see that we have the really
nice glass beads. So that's a very pretty, elegant bracelet.

Then up here we have in starfish, we have the little charm bracelets. And
this has two little charms on it. And it comes in the green. It's like a
mint green. And then also in the turquoise here. It's a beautiful link
chain, has a nice weight to it right here.

These are some of our starfish bracelets and they're available at Teramasu.
And if you just click the link on our video, you can see our whole
starfish collection at

by Kevin King

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