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Starfish Charm Bracelets by

 Teramasu has an amazing elegant sea life jewelry collection featuring all of your favorite sea life. We have bracelets, necklaces and earrings featured in starfish jewelry , seahorse jewelry, and sea life jewelry. Included in  our selection of the sea life jewelry we have starfish, seahorses, sand dollars, scallop shells, and nautilus shells. The sea life jewelry images below show a selection of each of our jewelry collections.


A link is provided for you to view more Sea Life Jewelry.


The video below features a look at the Teramasu Starfish Bracelets. 



We're looking at starfish bracelets today. And this is our collection of
starfish charm bracelets.

This one right here has the sundial shells on it and it's got the faux
pearls and it's got the clear beads. And it also has the metal beads as
well, which are like little metal pearls. And it has the little faux pearl
in the center of the starfish as well. And this has been one of top
selling charm bracelets and it's the perfect charm bracelet if you're going
on a cruise or taking a tropical vacation.

If you like the colorful charm bracelets we have this also in turquoise
with the same sort of charm. This has the little faux pearl on it. The
turquoise is one of our best-selling colors. And then we also have it in a
coral and green as well. And it's got the beaded bracelet and it's a
stretch so it works for just about every size wrist. We also have it in
the clear, here, which has an amber colored bead with it.

Another great bracelet that we have is this little bracelet right here that
has the fish and it has the seahorse and it has the starfish and they're
all encrusted with crystals. And then you'll see that we have the really
nice glass beads. So that's a very pretty, elegant bracelet.

Then up here we have in starfish, we have the little charm bracelets. And
this has two little charms on it. And it comes in the green. It's like a
mint green. And then also in the turquoise here. It's a beautiful link
chain, has a nice weight to it right here.

These are some of our starfish bracelets and they're available at Teramasu.
And if you just click the link on our video, you can see our whole
starfish collection at

by Kevin King

New Beach Glass & Shell Jewelry by Charles Albert Jewelry

Check out this video featuring the latest collection of Charles Albert Jewelry Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Above we have the new fossil bracelet including amber and prehistoric sharks tooth and a beautiful blue calcite bracelet. Below we have a stunning beach glass bracelet bangle with multi-color glass.

Below is a striking Turquoise pendant necklace.


by Kevin King

January 18, 2014 by Kevin King

Fall into Fashion at the new Teramasu Clothing Boutique in Southern Pines, North Carolina


This Fall designer Terrie Moses has opened a new Teramasu boutique in the picturesque town Southern Pines North Carolina. Southern Pines has long been a sanctuary for creative souls. Writers, poets,artist and even golf course designers have been inspired and influenced by their time in this storybook town. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe were some of the notable guest hosted by the Boyd Family of Southern Pines. One of America's most prolific golf course designers, Donald Ross made his home just down the road in the Village of Pinehurst, Location of the famed Pinehurst #2 course, and designed some of his true gems in Southern Pines including the magnificent Pine Needles Golf Course.

At first glance the town of Southern Pines has a Rockwellian sense about it. The train station anchors the town with tracks running the length of Broad Street downtown. You have a classic ice cream parlor where you can get an old fashion malt or this time of year, a seasonal favorite, a delicious pumpkin shake. But this thriving historic downtown with its rich history has a balance of tradition and new with its trendsetting restaurants and boutiques as well as a lively nightlife. Festivals and events are a mainstay of the town.

This thriving downtown and close knit local community are what drew Terrie Moses to choose Southern Pines as the location for her Signature Teramasu Boutique. This boutique is truly an expression of her exceptional sense of style and design. The Boutique is a collection of not only unique Teramasu accessories and jewelry lines of her design, but also extraordinary dresses, shoes and jewelry from other designers that blend into the uber cool environment she has created in this amazing boutique. Many of the most interesting furniture pieces in the boutique were restored by Moses own hands and imagination and given a new life with her amazing design makeover to create truly one of a kind designs.  Stepping from the sidewalk into Teramasu is like being transported to another world. Leaving the warm feeling of a charming town of historic main street and entering an ultra cool Teramasu Fashion lounge. The Teramasu boutique, like the town where it is located,  blends traditional classic dresses, jewelry, and shoes with trendy updated twist making Teramasu the perfect place to find your fashion and create a look that is your own.

The first thing you notice when you walk in the door are the amazing coats. The stunning rich textured fabrics, eye catching designs, intricate embroidery and warm yet vibrant colors immediately grab your attention. The newest addition is a designer cut  faux fur coat with an astounding tiger print.

The Dresses range from amazing geometric design and chevron patterns to lace fabrics with bell sleeves .

The spectacular selection of jewelry ranges from fashion jewelry to handcrafted artisan jewelry with hand cut semi-precious stones set in antique brass cuffs from talented designers like Jan Michaels of San Francisco. Teramasu offers an superior selection of sea life jewelry featuring starfish,seahorses and turtles. With a selection of colorful resort jewelry and elegant statement pieces for cocktail parties and formal occasion Teramasu has the jewelry to suit any occasion all year round.

At Teramasu you will find a striking selection of fashion watches like the black and white chevron design watches and Chronograph watches straight off the runway.

Fall scarves are a staple for Christmas shoppers with phenomenal plaid, stripe, houndstooth, ruffle, solid, knit, metallic and winter scarves. Whether you are shopping for a classic plaid or a fashion scarf you will find the perfect Christmas gift or accessory for yourself while Holiday shopping at Teramasu.

Comfort and style are the features found when holiday shopping for shoes at Teramasu. The shoe salon at Teramasu offers brands like Helen's Heart  you will not find anywhere else.

With the addition of the Teramasu boutique, Moses is looking to enhance the local shopping experience and compliment the downtown shopping experience offering a boutique experience that will add to the vibrant and growing overall local shopping and dining scene of this unique historic town. The boutique address is Teramasu 167 East New Hampshire Avenue Southern Pines, North Carolina.

by Kevin King

October 25, 2013 by Kevin King

Using Alltop to Find and Shop the Latest Fashion Trends

Teramasu Fashion Accessories Shopping Blog is now listed in Alltop

Alltop is an amazing news aggregator with the mission of providing answers for “all topics of interest” to you. Alltop allows you to easily find the topics that interest you and the latest developments and news in those topics of interest. Alltop is much like an online newsstand or magazine rack. It is well organized and covers hundreds of subjects collating thousands of sources of top quality content.

How to use Alltop to Find the Latest Trends in Fashion and Deals Online

Alltop allows you to easily put together a personalized list of topics so that you can quickly access the latest developments that matter most to you with the “MyAlltop” tab. You can also peruse a list of recent topics by hitting the “My Recent Topic” tab.  Below is a screenshot of Alltop.  Let’s say you want to find the latest Black Friday deals. You can go to Alltops Shopping topics and easily bring up the latest headlines and stories on that topic. I have highlighted in red boxes relevant tab and menus for your convenience. First go to and click the interest tab. Then scroll down to shopping and click. You will see all the latest black Friday Ads, articles, and deals nicely organizing for your convenience.

Below is a screenshot of the interest page and the shopping category.


Below is a list of well organizes black Friday deals and ads, by scrolling down you can find all the latest news on accessories, shopping and fashion including the Teramasu News Blog. If you have an amazing  blog, submit today to this amazing aggregator Alltop.

It is simple to use and free I recommend you give it a try. I am sure you will easily find many topics of interest.

 by Kevin King

August 01, 2013 by Kevin King