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Monday Must-Haves: Gorgeous Neutrals from Teramasu

Monday Must-Haves: Gorgeous Neutrals from Teramasu
Happy Monday gorgeous fashion-lovers!! With only 2 days until Valentine's Day, we at Teramasu cannot wait to help meet your gift-giving, date-night, or "treat yourself" needs. This cloudy Monday, we are loving gorgeous neutrals and cant stop obsessing over the simple beauty of shades inspired by nature. Here are our neutral-toned, Monday must-haves:
1. Teramasu Labradorite Stone with Tassel Pendant Necklace 
This one of a kind piece features a a gorgeous neutral tone combination and unique labradorite. Labradorite is known to help creative thinking and feelings.


2. Black and White Long Sleeve Embroidered Dress with Tassel Detailing

This adorable dress features a classic black and white combination through its gorgeous white stitched pattern and design, full length sleeves, as well as tassel detailing.

3. Teramasu Wallet Wristlet Clutch Crossbody Purse

These colorful and adorable bags can work as a wallet, wristlet, clutch, and crossbody and are perfect for living life stylishly.

4. Tortoise Shell White Paneled Wooden Box with Removable Lid

This stunning box is a truly vintage-inspired, one of a kind piece featuring a tortoise shell printed lid highlighted by off-white paneling. 

5. Black with Tortoise Shell Print Paneling Box Wooden Box with Silver Handle on Lid

This unique, vintage-inspired, one of a kind black box features tortoise shell printed side paneling and a silver handle. 

February 12, 2018 by Teramasu Accessories
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