Summer Starfish Accessories Fashion Fun

The Newest Fashion Set from Teramasu your premier Southern Clothing Boutique focuses on incorporating all of your favorite sea life accessories, especially our turquoise starfish jewelry, and nautical accessories with as playful black and white chevron dress to give you the perfect summer outfit for the beach this Summer.

Dreaming in turquoise


Chevron print dress


Blue handbag


Blue bracelet


Gold starfish charm


Gold starfish charm


Below is a video giving you a closer look at the bracelets, necklaces, Designer clutch evening purses and dress featured in the set above and a look at other styles and colors of the featured items from Teramasu. The set above shows how you can put a fun outfit together,

and the video shows the collections where you can find an amazing selection of apparel, jewelry and designer purses to create your unique fashion statement


Summer Starfish Jewelry, Purse and Accessories Fashion Fun Starfish and Nautical Jewelry Accessories matched with your favorite designer bags and black and white Chevron print...



You can enjoy the transcription of this video with the pricing on the featured fashion accessories pricing in the next portion of this article.


This is Kevin King and today we're going to be previewing Teramasu's Summer Starfish Accessories Fashion Fun and what we're looking at is a set from Teramasu. 

And we're going to be focusing on the Starfish Jewelry Accessories and the Nautical Accessories and the Teramasu Designer Purse. And also at the Zigzag Chevron Print Dress which has been really hot in the black and white this spring and summer and this is a very colorful outfit and it will be perfect going into the summer. And it's light and fun. 

It's got all your favorite accessories starting with the Starfish Earrings and they kind of dangle because they've got three different charms on them. The little coral charm as you can see and they also have the charm in -- it's a full white pearl as well. And then on top of that it's got the starfish in gold with crystals. And that's a free-floating little charm on top of a turquoise backing. 

So these all kind of dangle and give a real fun appearance to your summer outfit. 

And then that complements this really fun chevron black and white dress. 

And if we take a look at these earrings, go a little bit closer, I'm just going to do a blow-up for you so you can really see the earrings. You can check them out at We've actually got a video on the site and you can really take a very close look and see how this all flows and dangles. 

But this is a nice blow-up of these earrings so you can really get a very close look at them. 

And you can check out the video and that will really give you a three dimensional look so you can see the whole earring. 

As you can see these earrings are $24.95 so it's a nice addition to any outfit. 

The next item that we're going to look at in the set is the dress right here and this is the Zigzag Chevron Black and White Print Dress and it has a nice flow to it. 

And you can check that out on Teramasu and it will be under our apparel. We've got lots of great tops and dresses coming in. So check out the apparel on Teramasu and you'll find a lot of fun pieces. 

This chevron print dress is $59.95 and it's really got the nice bell sleeves on it and it's just a really fun piece, perfect for the summer time and it's going to look great with all of this jewelry. 

So let's go ahead and check out some more of the accessories. 

And the next thing we're going to look at is this really cool Turquoise Blue Nautical Bracelet. And this nautical bracelet features anchors, the ship's wheel, the sailboat and you can just barely see it here but it also features the life preserver.

And I'll just go to the nautical jewelry page and you can see that we have it and of course, the navy blue. We've got the earrings. We've got some nice other nautical bracelets that also come in -- these are really nice glass bead down here on the bottom.

But let's go ahead and take a closer look at this nautical bracelet and you can get of course, another good look at it by looking at the video. 

These are $29.95 but if you check this out you can really get a close look at the life preserver, the sailboat in gold, the anchor in gold and then the ship's wheel in gold and this motif repeats around the bracelet. 

And here we need a little better look at the life preserver and really see the ship's wheel and anchor. 

So this is beautiful. It's got the enamel turquoise (and) the gold, so it's a really pretty piece. 

The next piece that we're going to look at in the set is the Starfish Charm Necklace and this features a gold starfish and gold sand dollar with a little turquoise charm. 

And if we go over to the SEA LIFE JEWELRY in Teramasu, we can get a closer look. And of course this also comes in coral and these same bracelets that you saw before in the nautical theme, they also come in the sea life theme. 

So you can check those out. We have them in black, mint, coral and turquoise and these are really cool as well. 

So let's go ahead and take a look at the starfish charm here and the turquoise. And if we just blow this up we can really see it's got a really detailed little sand dollar here in gold. 

And then it's got the nice turquoise charm so you have the three charms and then of course the starfish. And this is, kind of has a flowing look like a starfish in the water. So it's a really great Sea Life Necklace featuring the starfish. 

So the next item -- well and of course, this is $29.95 but it really adds a lot to the outfit, if we take a look over here at the outfit.

The final piece we're going to look at is the Designer Purse from Teramasu and these are made in North Carolina in Pinehurst, in our North Carolina design studio and this is part of the Teramasu Designer Handbag collection. 

And you'll find some unique looks that you haven't seen before because this is a brand new line. 

And this is designed by Terrie Moses for Teramasu and these are all brand new designs. A lot of them are featuring sea life. 

The one we're looking at today, I believe is the turquoise. And we do also have a turquoise one with the sea life but this one right here features a beautiful jewel on the front here. And it's got crystals and then it's like a black cabochon and gold around the edge. 

And these are beautiful designer fabrics made here in North Carolina and it's an elegant clutch purse. 

But you can check out all of the purses. This one is $149.95. You can see a nice video on it where you can see the detail on the lining, all throughout and around the purse. And you can also check out the rest of the purses at 

If you click the link in the description of this video it'll take you directly to where you can check out all of our designer purses and designer starfish jewelry. 

And as you can see that we have some really cool items that feature the starfish as well. Sea life is perfect for the summer and these would all make great additions to this outfit featured by Teramasu. 

And check us out at and you can click the link in the detailed description below this video and see more incredible fashion items and we are always putting new items on the site. 

Please sign up for our email list at the bottom of every page, at You can subscribe for the latest on all the new items from Teramasu. 

Thanks for tuning in and check us out.


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