Teramasu Partnership: Credit Card Processing from Pinehurst Websites!

Teramasu Partnership: Credit Card Processing from Pinehurst Websites!

Happy Thursday gorgeous fashion lovers! This week we are popping the champagne as Teramasu is thrilled to announce their partnership with Pinehurst Websites to help keep your business on trend not only in the fashion world but also by saving money on Credit Card Processing! By joining Pinehurst Websites, we will not only beat your rates but help you save your hard-earned money so that you may continue to succeed and grow in your business! Contact us today and get the lowest rates on Credit Card Processing with Pinehurst Websites!

Credit Card Processing At Cost

About the Partnership: Pinehurst Websites

Many businesses have been frustrated by the technical obstacles of trying to sell online. The philosophy behind Pinehurst Websites is to help simplify the business of selling on the web. The goal is not to just setup a website, but to empower business owners with a strategy for using their website to take control of and build their customer base. The e-commerce platform behind our sites makes management of the site very straight forward. You can become an expert at adding product and syndicating that product on the web very quickly. Pinehurst Websites enable businesses to project a professional image to the world while engaging in e-commerce. In addition to setting up a secure site ready for e-commerce, Pinehurst Websites explains how to maximize your presence on the web using the tools included with the e-commerce site we build. 


About Credit Card Processing:

When it comes to credit card processing, there are two basic parts to a transaction. One part is the interchange rate and the second part is the processor cost. 

Your credit card rate is in part based on the interchange rate. Interchange is a nonnegotiable cost to credit card processing set by Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc. Interchange is a small fee paid by a merchant's bank (acquirer) to a cardholder's bank (issuer) to compensate the issuer for the value and benefits that merchants receive when they accept electronic payments. If you have ever looked at a credit card statement you know you do not have a single rate for all credit cards. In fact, Visa alone has 22 pages of different interchange rates and Fees charged for different types of transactions. Here are Visa’s current interchange rates by card and here is the list of current interchange rates for MasterCards.

Using a business statement, Pinehurst Website Credit Card Processing can show businesses the current effective rate they are actually paying and show ways to save with their assistance!

Having grown up in a family retail business, worked as a sales rep, and worked in eCommerce as part of the Shopify Expert Program helping customers migrate business websites to Shopify, the Pinehurst Website Team is ready to help businesses keep their hard earned money! They love to help other entrepreneurs succeed in business!!!


About the Pinehurst Website Credit Card Processing Team:

Kevin King is an eCommerce expert and owner of Pinehurst Websites, helping merchants launch and migrate online businesses. He is member of the Shopify Expert Program as well as has a highly successful Youtube Channel and eCommerce business (AtomicFilters.com).

Terrie Moses is a jewelry designer and owner of Teramasu, a successful retail and wholesale business located in the gorgeous historic Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Teramasu Accessories has been designing fashion and accessory styles since 1999. Creating timeless beauty, Designer Terrie Moses brings to life amazing designer jewelry giving it the “Teramasu Spark.” Inspired by Terrie’s adventurous lifestyle and travels, The Teramasu Jewelry Collection combines a beautifully colorful selection of stunning stones with elegant design. Teramasu is also a reflection of Terrie’s love for the ocean and rekindled memories of seaside lifestyle, while also incorporating her love of gardening and her favorite design element of nature and flowers.

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