Living LadyLike: Gorgeous, Classic, and Chic Outfit Inspiration for Your One-of-a-Kind Style from Teramasu

Living LadyLike: Gorgeous, Classic, and Chic Outfit Inspiration for Your One-of-a-Kind Style from Teramasu

Happy Thursday gorgeous fashion-lovers and cheers to a quickly approaching weekend! At Teramasu, our ambition is to encourage and continue timeless beauty and when considering fashion trends, we cannot help but admire the sophisticated, classic style of black and white fashion paired with pops of grey and our one of a kind statement jewelry. On this sunny Thursday we are popping the champagne in celebration of gorgeous winter weather and your one of a kind style, loving the chilly day adventures that a new year 2019 is bringing! With brunch with besties and evening soirees in our mind, we are in love with the beautifully contrasting black and white designs in our fabulous new styles and outfit inspirations! Classic black & white style and design has always been a true staple in fashion, perfect for both casual and formal events because of its sophisticated but comfortably elegant appeal. Its holds a sense of class and unique style, perfect for a fresh, chic feel in your outfit inspirations. 

When it comes to our handmade designer jewelry pieces, each Teramasu handmade design adds and incorporates splashes of color and playful designs to reflect the spark of its unique personality, combining every element of gorgeous gemstones, stunning crystals, one of a kind smooth or faceted stones, and meaningful chic accents. Each of our Teramasu handmade designer jewelry items will make the perfect statement jewelry piece for your unique style or the perfect meaningful gift for the true art-lover in your life, helping our customers to always find a beautiful version of themselves at Teramasu. The month of December not only brings a change in temperature, but also offer times to celebrate with friends and family in gorgeous outfits from Teramasu, and we cannot wait to help you make it a Christmas to remember by finding the perfect gift to tell someone "I love you". Our handmade designer jewelry collection is inspired by (our designer) Terrie’s adventurous lifestyle and travels, combining a beautifully colorful selection of stunning stones with elegant design. Teramasu statement jewelry is also a reflection of her love for the ocean and rekindled memories of seaside lifestyle, while also incorporating her love of gardening and her favorite design element of nature and flowers. Be sure to visit us in store in the Village of Pinehurst, online, and on social media (Instagram (@teramasuaccessories)Facebook (Teramasu), and Twitter (@Teramasu1)) for even more chic style advice, exceptional customer service, and for complete access to new outfit updates! ! Be sure to check out our weekly blogs, showcasing our handmade designer jewelry, one of a kind fashion, gift guides, and outfit inspirations!

Grey-Blue and White Striped Front Pocket Tunic Top with Collared V-Neck and Adjustable Sleeves


First we have our adorable and comfortable Teramasu Grey-Blue and White Striped Pocket Tunic Top with Collared V-Neck and Adjustable Sleeves. This classic looking tunic top features the perfect combination of stripes and gorgeous fabric, highlighted by its flattering cut, classic grey and white stripe, chic collared v-neck, pocket, and adjustable sleeves. This tunic top is absolutely perfect for travel and transitioning throughout the season as we go from cold to warmer days!



Black Stretch Twill 5 Pocket Skinny Pants

We love the look of this tunic top layered over our classic and comfortable Teramasu Black Twill Stretch Pants with Pockets. These flattering and chic slip on pants are our #1 seller, popular because of their skinny cut, soft twill stretch fabric, and practical pockets. These are the perfect everyday pant and can easily be dressed up or down for you work style, everyday style, and evening style. 



Teramasu Gratitude Bracelet in Grey PearlFor a classic and chic pop of grey with a flare for the timeless style, we love to add our The Teramasu Gratitude Bracelet in Grey Pearl

This gorgeous, handmade designer bracelet is a beautiful reminder to begin each day with a heart full of Gratitude to invite abundance into your life. This stunning stretch bracelet features pale grey pearl beading, gorgeous patina quatrefoil clover accent, gold beading, and signature gold Teramasu tag. Bracelet measures approx. 7 inches but stretches (custom length can be made per request, please reach out to for more information). With regard to the meaning behind this gorgeously designed bracelet, pearls are truly one-of-a-kind amongst other gemstones because they don’t come from the earth but are of the sea. Pearls are considered to be the only gemstone naturally produced by living creatures (mollusks) and when it comes to their natural beauty, baroque pearls require no special shaping or enhancing in order to make the most of their radiant exquisiteness. Their natural shine and gloss (which has become its signature trademark) has been treasured and cherished since ancient times well into fashion and Hollywood icons, ensuring that pearl jewelry always remains in style. Pearls are the perfect, meaningful stone as they are said to symbolize purity, generosity, integrity, as well as loyalty in its wearer. It has also been believed to promote knowledge, morality, and prosperity.  Pearl jewelry is considered to be the perfect accessory for brides on their wedding day, reflecting both tradition and class throughout cultures. The patina quatrefoil clover design is an ancient symbol of good luck and since it is readily dividable into equal portions, it is said to also symbolize harmony, symmetry, and proportion.The design is a representation of a flower with four petals. The Gratitude Collection was created to inspire you with an positive message that a heart full of gratitude will invite abundance into your life. By wearing these one of a kind bracelets, you are reminded of that message each day with beauty composed of handmade jewelry design by Teramasu in our studio in the Village of Pinehurst North Carolina. Each bracelet comes wrapped and displayed in a classic black and white box, Teramasu Gratitude Bracelet description booklet, and black and white bow.

Black Wallet Wristlet

For storage, we love the look of this outfit with our Adorable, chic, and practical Teramasu Clutch Wallet Crossbody Wristlet Purse in Black. This adorable little purse features Size : 8.5"L × 5.0"H × 1.5"W, Leather-like High Quality Faux Leather, Top Zipper Closure with Two Major Compartments and 1 Middle Zipper Pocket, 2 Slip Pockets and 6 Card Holders, Variations in Fabric Lining, Gold-Tone Hardware, Detachable Wristlet and Shoulder Strap, Adjustable Shoulder Strap, and Vegan Leather. 

Grey Suede Boot

We love the look of this outfit paired with a classic Grey Suede Boot. This will add a boho yet preppy vibe to your classic black and white with a pop of grey style. A small heel also helps to dress up the outfit for a day-to-night vibe. 



What is your favorite way to add classic black and white to your style?


At Teramasu, we also offer custom jewelry designs that are sure to be the perfect gift for that someone special in your life! Teramasu Accessories has been designing fashion and accessory styles since 1999. Creating timeless beauty, Designer Terrie Moses brings to life amazing designer jewelry giving it the “Teramasu Spark.” Inspired by Terrie’s adventurous lifestyle and travels, The Teramasu Jewelry Collection combines a beautifully colorful selection of stunning stones with elegant design. Teramasu is also a reflection of Terrie’s love for the ocean and rekindled memories of seaside lifestyle, while also incorporating her love of gardening and her favorite design element of nature and flowers. If you are looking for a custom design please call us at (910)777-5513 or come visit us at the Teramasu Boutique in The Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Both our in store and online selection features elegant style through its collections of designer women's jewelry, clothing, accessories and home décor…pairing your favorite trends with timeless classic design ensuring that true beauty never fades.

Be sure to keep up with us for everyday updates on new arrivals, style guides, meaningful gift ideas, and fashion trends! We offer a weekly email newsletter that you can sign up for through this site, constant social updates through Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram, or you can continue to share in our exciting news with our daily blog!

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