Accessorizing with the Right Starfish Jewelry from Starfish Bracelet and Starfish Earrings to Starfish Necklaces


You can click on images and links of starfish jewelry throughout this post to see the starfish bracelet, starfish necklaces, starfish earrings , as well as, other accessories. The links will take you to, Tumblr, and Polyvore where you can go directly to the shopping cart page of the item.

Choosing the right starfish jewelry can complete your perfect vacation outfit. Whether you are looking for a pair of starfish earrings, a starfish necklace, or that perfect starfish charm bracelet, you can find a number of outfits to match your new jewelry.  The outfit  above ”Teramasu Beach Jewelry” was designed by Theresa Moses of Teramasu on Polyvore. This outfit gives two different options of starfish earrings. The turquoise gold starfish earring is an excellent option to match the dress because of the natural turquoise match between the dress and the earrings. The gold starfish earrings with crystals are an excellent option because gold is a natural match with white as we will see in the next set.   

As we have seen with the starfish earrings, the starfish bracelet with the shell and pearl charms ties the gold and turquoise together to blend in a nice ensemble. The mint green chronograph watch is a nice soft edition to this set. Three options of purses are a Kate Spade turquoise wallet, white purse and a rattan and white handbag. The turquoise sandals bring the entire outfit together from head to toe.

To sum up this first selection, matching these starfish earrings and bracelet to the turquoise and white dress is easily done on the turquoise color match and the gold and white color match. Gold is a very versatile color and can enhance outfits with a number of colors, notably, black and white.


The striking collection above “Starfish By Teramasu” was also designed by Theresa Moses of Teramasu on Polyvore. This Set is a perfect example of the simple elegance of matching gold starfish earrings, Gold Starfish necklace and gold starfish bracelets with a white dress. This set creates a stunning look using minimalist features. Simple symmetrical gold starfish earrings encrusted with crystals give a light glimmering balance to the dress without over powering the dresses simple dynamic. The Choice of starfish bracelets includes the simple gold and clear starfish bracelet or the more extravagant starfish charm bracelet with multiple gold starfish and gold shell charms. Each starfish bracelet choice fits nicely with the white dress.   The triple stranded pearl gold starfish necklace with it shimmering trio of gold starfish covered in crystal has the gold white color balance to perfectly compliment the gold and white dress.  The Gold handle rattan handbag with its vertical lines contrasts the gold horizontal lines of the white dress. The gold sandals give the final accent to this dazzling fashion statement. Each element of this outfit has a simplistic nature but combined has a culminating effect of visual magnificence.

Looking at the two outfits we have previewed to this point, you can see common items like the gold starfish earring which have been nicely accessorized with two totally different looks.  Can you see additional starfish jewelry in these two sets which could have been matched to the other set?

Let’s take a look at a new colorful coral jewelry set.


This set’s “Teramasu In Coral” primarily focuses on accessorizing an outfit with coral jewelry. The tropical color orange and coral balance nicely with the white lace top and the gold in the jewelry. The coral enamel gold starfish pendant plays well against the white while completing the coral starfish earrings. It also works well with the coral bamboo earrings staying in the tropical theme of this outfit. The coral bracelet selection again offers a myriad of choices beginning with the vivid coral and gold beaded coil bracelet. This coil bracelet has alternating coral beads linked with gold beads, a dazzling gold braid, and vivid rectangular coral stones in a gold setting. The second multi-strand coral pink and crystal bracelet is reminiscent of the ocean with the crystal shimmering like water and the coral and pink reflecting the colorful reef colors. This bracelet has a fluid playful quality that reflects the cute, playful and fun look of the lace white top and the lace coral shorts. The next skinny coral bracelet with crystals has a light quality to match the lace top and lace shorts. The final coral and gold coil bracelet matches the tropical coral tones of the outfit and has the playful element of the coil bracelet. All of the coral jewelry is smartly matched to the coral handbag with its clean lines and to the simply adorable coral sandals. The starfish jewelry all ties into the fun of the outfit along with adventure hinted at by the tropical colors.

The final outfit I am going to review is another set created by Teramasu on Polyvore. This set will be an elegant outfit in black and gold tones. I am going to include a selection of jewelry, not limited to, but including starfish jewelry after my review of the outfit and make a few recommendations. After that I will see which items you would recommend for this outfit to see how well you have learned your lesson on accessorizing with starfish jewelry.


The Elegant set above “Classic Teramasu” is a graceful selection of accessories that would suite any Palm Beach Cocktail party. Beginning with the Black silk cocktail dress from Merchant Archive Vintage this dress features includes a strapless design, a sweetheart neckline, a raised swirl pattern, and a layered A-line skirt. The hammered round gold chandelier earrings feature a crystal in each hammered circle of gold that is certain to shimmer off the reflective gold as you flow as gracefully as a butterfly around your elegant cocktail party. The teardrop black chandelier earrings from Teramasu are a swan like graceful alterative glossy black enamel teardrops bordered with glimmering gold. The Double stranded black pearl Chanel vintage button bracelet engenders a sense of class and elegance. With duel strands of black freshwater pearl, a vintage Chanel button encased in a 925 sterling silver setting custom crafted by skilled artisan silversmiths, this bracelet is sure to catch envious glances throughout your evening.

 The piece to provide your nautical inspiration will be the La Regale Handbag, Beaded Evening Clutch. This clam shaped clutch is wrapped in elegant beadwork. The shell-shaped clutch is perfect for our imagined party setting. Adorned with a slender chain strap and kisslock clasp, this clutch easily stows your essentials for a night in elegance. Made from glass beads with a chain shoulder strap with 22" drop and Gold-tone hardware this clutch includes an interior slip pocket.  The perfect set of pumps from Valetino completes this set. The open toe   Valentino Garavani D'Orsay Couture pump in patent leather with a bow detail will elevate your evening to pure ecstasy. Heel  110  mm with a 15 mm plateau. Heel 4¼", platform ½". Made in Italy. Leather. Heel height 12.0.

Now let’s look at a selection of jewelry we might use to accessorize this or one of our other sets.

Let’s start with an accessory in the previous sets. The Elegant Gold Links Starfish Bracelet with charms, pearls, shells, and sea life. This beautiful starfish charm bracelet is made with a gold tone link chain. There are 3 elegant starfish charms. The two small starfish charms both have pearls on the starfish arms and a crystal in the center of each starfish. The Large Starfish Charm has crystals on the starfish arm and a pearl in the center of the starfish. There are 3 unique metal gold nautilus shell charms. The Chain is adorned with charms including four metal gold balls, six clear beads, six small pearls and three large cream white pearls. This is a beautiful piece of costume jewelry. This starfish bracelet has a lobster claw clasps with a three inch extender to make one size that fits most. Do you agree this starfish bracelet can easily take its place in our Palm Beach Cocktail party ensemble?


As an additional accent, I would add this Teramasu Antique Gold Square frosted Crystal Wrap Bracelet with opal Green Stone double chain and leaf charm hook closure. The green opal stones create an air of rareness and grandiose of an age gone by, the antique brass chain completes the vintage look to match the classic black dress. This wrap bracelet redefines the wrap bracelet in a style worthy of the Great Gatsby level of extravagance while with keeping our sea green tones to match our starfish theme. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. That is, after all, where everything exciting is happening.   

Let’s get back to starfish jewelry. Why don’t we add a little pizazz with this seahorse bracelet?


This dazzling crystal beaded seahorse bracelet includes a number of intricate designs. The highlight of the bracelet is without question the gold seahorse with white beads on its spine a crystal belly and face and finally a crystal fin. This is topped with a beaded white starfish bordered with gold and crystals. As if this was not enough, there is a beautiful white beaded and crystal gold fish with onyx eyes. The delicate flowing crystal and white beaded fins add to the flow of this amazing seahorse starfish bracelet. The bracelet is completed with an elegant triple stranded white beaded band. You can see how well this bracelet shows against turquoise in this picture, but this is a bracelet that could match well with every set we have shown.    

 The next piece of starfish jewelry is the Teramasu Coral and Green Bead triple Gold Starfish Necklace Set with Earrings. This multi-color beaded coral, green and gold Starfish Pearl necklace would be a perfect match for our “Teramasu In Coral” set. This Beautiful beaded starfish necklace has mint green and coral colored beads separated by small ornate metal gold beads. A triple starfish charm with two small gold starfish charms covered with crystals and a center pearl hang on either side of a large gold starfish adorned with crystals and a center pearl from this necklace making it a perfect choice for your beach jewelry collection. This set also includes a pair of mint green and gold beaded earrings. The green earrings are the perfect complement to the coral and white outfit. As far as fashion jewelry goes, this is an excellent addition for your costume jewelry collection


The final item I will be featuring is the single stranded Teramasu Gold and Turquoise Starfish Necklace Set with turquoise single beaded Earrings. This starfish necklace would be a smart match with the first set shown “Teramasu Beach Jewelry” which focuses on the turquoise themed accessories. This beautiful beaded triple gold starfish necklace has turquoise blue beads alternating with ornate metal gold beads. The Triple gold starfish on the necklace has two small gold starfish with a large gold starfish in the center all covered in crystal with centered pearls. This necklace set includes an exquisite pair of turquoise earrings. The trio of three gold starfish created a shimmering brilliance with crystals on the arms and a pearl in the center of each. This is a perfect selection for your tropical jewelry collection and an excellent example of fashion and costume jewelry.   

The turquoise triple starfish necklace set is part of our Teramasu Starfish Jewelry Collection.




I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on accessorizing with starfish jewelry and have gained some valuable insights on accessorizing in general. I also hope you have found some interesting starfish jewelry that you may not have seen before online. For more ways to find unique starfish jewelry check out  “The Definitive Guide to Finding the Starfish Jewelry You Really Want”

 Following the basic guideline of matching complementary colors that match your theme will help you gain a feel for putting together beautiful outfits like the sets you have seen featured in this article. With practice you will be designing your next outfit like a pro.  

By Kevin King

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