Meaningful Gifts for Christmas 2014

Shop your Local Boutiques and Find Meaningful Handcrafted Gifts

Teramasu, a southern ladies clothing and accessories boutique, located in the charming downtown Southern Pines, North Carolina features a new collection of designer jewelry handcrafted by Terrie Moses. The newest creations by Teramasu are the elegant Teramasu Limited Collection.

These beautiful designs are gold filled and made with natural gemstones from around the globe. The jewelry is made with beautiful opals, citrine, and chalcedony with elegant facets.

The Prosperity Earrings

These beautiful citrine and mother of pearl earrings  feature a crystal know as the success stone which is believed to attract prosperity and good fortune.





Terrie has been designing handbags and ladies accessories since 1999. The handbags are handmade designs blending a love of texture and color with the rich North Carolina textiles to create a unique southern classic.




Always inspired to create, you may see a piece of classic furniture show up in the boutique after being refinished and given the Teramasu Spark.  

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