These Earrings give a new meaning to the saying "Dress for Success"

The Prosperity Earrings

These earrings are not only beautiful, they are made with natural stones valued in many cultures for there ability to attract prosperity. The Mother of Pearl stone, known as the "stone of sincerity" is said to attract prosperity, promote balance, and protect against negative energy.  

In Chinese cultures, Mother of Pearl is highly prized as a natural stone that attracts prosperity and happiness in life. Considered a good luck stone Mother of Pearl is often given those you love to wish them good fortune and prosperity.

The yellow Citrine crystal, also known as the "Success Stone", is associated with success and prosperity. Known for manifesting Abundance and Success in all areas of life, the citrine stone, is said to attract the energy of generosity so that success can be shared with others. 

Jewelry with a Meaning

These new hand-made earrings designed by Teramasu  feature Mother of Pearl with gorgeous Citrine crystals and an elegant gold plated scalloped lever back ear hook.

These earrings make the perfect anniversary gift or a special gift for your girlfriend or wife for the holidays .


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