Step into the Latest Styles of Helen's Heart Sandals and Shoes this Summer!

Helen's Heart Shoes have Amazing New Styles just in time for the Summer!

These opened toe slide sandals come in  a fantastic selection of colors and styles. The Crystal bow sequin shoes are the perfect shoe for a Summer Cocktail party.

Amazing Summers Shoes Helens Heart Open peep toe wedge

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The fashion preview video of Helen's Heart Shoes is transcribed below with images of the previewed shoes and sandals.

Kevin: This is Kevin from Teramasu and today we're doing a preview of the Helen's Heart Shoes. So Terrie, you want to show us some of the styles that we have?

Terrie:  This is a very fancy shoe with Swarovski crystals on the top. It's shaped like a bow with sequins on the side.

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White Crystal Shoes Helens Heart


Helens Heart Gold Crystal Bow Shoes with sequins

It comes in white. It also comes in this beautiful gold color as well, with the gold sequins on the side. And then we have the crystals also, and the bow. We also feature them in black. This is the black style here.

Kevin: And those are sequins and then on the top, I'm just going to zoom in, these are crystals right here on the top in that bow. Okay.

Terrie: Okay. We also have in the new multi floral purple, with multi colors as well. This has been a very popular shoe. As you can see it does not have the bow on top. It makes your foot look really small. It's very nice. Also we have the leopard in blue.

Kevin: Let me just get a look at the top. A flower there, and I'm just going to zoom in on it. And that's a flower correct?

Terrie; Yes, we call that a starburst flower on top. Kevin: Okay. Cool! Terrie: Also have this shoe here. It's a very neutral shoe. It color is black, cream, and gray. Very nice. It also goes with everything. 

Leopard Shoes Open Peep Toe Wedge Helens Heart


Kevin: And talk a little bit about these shoes. How do they feel on your feet?

Terrie: Well, the shoe's very comfortable. It gives you a little bit of a lift, a platform. Also with the sides of the shoe really holds your foot in when you're walking. 

Kevin: And what do we have over here?

Orange Swirl Summer Wedge Slide Shoe Helens Heart


Terrie: This one is our new orange swirl shoe from Helen's Heart. Very colorful. We love it. Lots of fun for the summer. Would look perfect with a pair of white jeans, skinny jeans. Looks awesome. And these are our classic Helen's Heart shoes. And they come in a lot of different colors. This is the red here, of course. And then it comes in cream. We also have it in off white. And this has also been very popular. We've been selling this style for many years. This is the pewter color which is a very nice shade of gray from Helen's Heart. 

Kevin: Alright. Well, thank you! And that's a preview of the Helen's Heart Shoes. And you can click the link in the detailed description of this video and it'll take you to where you can check out all the different styles of the Helen's Heart shoes. Thanks for tuning in at

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