This Handbag Bag Collection Features Brilliant Colors And Sophisticated Style

The newest edition to the Teramasu Handbag Collection combines a colorful selection of rich textiles with elegant design. This beautifully Sophisticated selection of evening bags is the Audrey Collection.


The colors chosen for this collection represent Teramasu's passion for color starting with the bold orange and turquoise clutch purses offset with a black and white. Turquoise and orange have long been favorites of Teramasu because they represent her love of the ocean and rekindle memories of  seaside travels.


The black purse represents the classic styles that endure. Teramasu has always been classic girl, yet adds the splash of black and white trim to put her own  twist on the classic black purse reflecting the spark in her own  personality.

The black and white print purse echoes her love of the timeless retro geometric designs of the 1960's featuring amazing patterns. This purse has a playful quality along with and air of sophistication. It is finished off with a brilliant yellow flower adding a striking contrast to the black and white.

The Flowers are a recurring design element that reflect the designers love of gardening and favorite times of year the Spring and Summer. This is the time of color in nature and fashion. The red flower purse is a cute fun colorful pattern and also draws on the flower designs of the late 60's and early 70's.The Yellow Flower handbag is a large bold print that has the classic look brought elegantly home with the black flower charm. 


Enjoy this Video featuring purses from the Audrey Collection by Teramasu.

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