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Teramasu Gold Filled Heart Necklace


Brand Teramasu Limited

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Teramasu Accessories has been Designing Fashion Accessories since 1999. We create designer jewelry, handbags and bring new life to classic furniture giving it the Teramasu Spark. The Teramasu Boutique features an elegant fashion collection of women's jewelry, ladies apparel, accessories and furniture. Teramasu Women's Clothing and Accessories Boutique offers fashion jewelry and accessories that range from classic to the latest styles. Whether you are a college girl or professional woman you will find accessories from shoes to Scarves that help you create that perfect look. At Teramasu, we are constantly staying on top of the latest fashion trends to bring our customs the best shopping experience possible for the accessory needs. We focus our attention on color and style when bringing new accessories into our collection.  We also bring in select accessories from other vendors, such as apparel and shoes, which complement the Teramasu Jewelry Collection.  

Fashion News

Horn Necklace a Stylish Meaningful Gift for Christmas

White Tusk Horn Green Amazonite Necklace with Moonstone

This handmade white horn necklace with moonstone and amazonite is the perfect gift for the holidays. Amazonite is a soothing crystal believed to have a calming effect on those wearing it.

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Hand-made Green Onyx Earrings For The One You Love

Green onyx moon stone 24k gold filled earring by Teramasu
These beautiful designer earrings 24k gold filled moonstone green onyx earrings are the accessory and symbol of love for the special woman in your life. Moonstone, known as the lovers stone, has a special significance when given as a gift.

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Brilliant Colorful Flower Rings for Spring and Summer

Colorful Large Flower Rings For Spring and Summer by Teramasu

Hi this is Terrie from Teramasu and I'm very excited to announce our new flower rings for spring. They come in a wide variety of bright beautiful colors. They are stretchable rings and allow you to have a ring for any occasion one-size-fits-most so let's go ahead and get through the rings that we have in this collection for Spring and Summer


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