Introducing the Grace Collection of Clutch Purses by Teramasu

Today we are previewing the newest designer clutch purses created by Teramasu in our North Carolina design studio. These stunning purses combine classic style with Teramasu's adventurous spirit. The featured clutch purses in this article are elegant yet fun with a spark of color and style. Let's take a look at these amazing fashion accessories. 

The first piece we are going to see is an elegant yellow framed clutch purse. This purse features a rich woven fabric and a gold frame closure. The black and white ribbon adds a fun yet elegant twist with its scalloped pattern. The classic black and white ribbon is complemented by a stunning crystal and black gold trimmed flower. This combination of colors and patterns culminates in a stunning purse design that is simply elegant. We will be seeing more of these new designes in the coming days so stat tuned.

The next purse design we are going to see is the orange starfish clutch. This striking purse is in a brilliant woven fabric with a gold frame closure. The purse is sparked by a gold crystal starfish and pearl bead. The purse has color and elegance with that spark of fun and is perfect for a night out on your island get-a-way.


I hope you have enjoyed our review and will tune in for our next review in the coming days.


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