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Follow Your Heart Sterling Silver Heart Locket Necklace


Brand Teramasu Limited

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Follow Your Heart Sterling Silver Filigree Locket Bracelet by Teramasu. 
Necklace size 18 inches with a 2 inch extender. Heart Filigree Locket approx 3/4 W x 3/4H x 5/16 D inches
Believe in the Power of your Dreams.
When you know in your heart what you want from life, anything and everything is possible.
Believe in yourself and make it happen. 
Your motivation bracelet with your goals inside will be a constant reminder to .....Follow Your Heart.

 This is a preview of the Follow Your Heart Locket. It's a necklace made of
sterling silver and it's a filigree on the front side, then a smooth silver
on the backside. It can wear either way.

What's unique about the Follow Your Heart jewelry is it's motivational
jewelry. It comes in this beautiful embroidered pouch right here. On the
inside it's got a card that tells you how to set your goals so that you can
achieve the dreams that are closest to your heart. It has them for all the
different categories here; whether it's your business, your career, your
spiritual, your relationships,, it's all in here. It has step by step
instructions on how to go through the process of setting your goals.

That is the Follow Your Heart necklace. It opens up. There's a little
jeweler's clasp on the side so you can just pop that open and open up the
locket. There it is right there. As you can see it's filigree on one side
and solid on the other side.

So check out the Follow Your Heart Locket. It's available at Teramasu. You
can check us out at It's the Follow Your Heart necklace