"Want It" Wednesday: The Perfect Neutral Tone, Statement Necklace for Your Spring Style

"Want It" Wednesday: The Perfect Neutral Tone, Statement Necklace for Your Spring Style
Happy Wednesday gorgeous fashion-lovers! The sun is shining here at Teramasu in the beautiful Village of Pinehurst in North Carolina, and we are celebrating all of the nature and color inspiration that warmer weather brings. Prom Season, Graduation Day, and Mother's day are all quickly approaching and on this fabulous spring day, we are loving our handmade, designer Teramasu Hematite and One of a Kind Agate Stone Pendant Necklace...the perfect neutral tone, statement piece for warmer weather in your one of a kind style or the perfect meaningful gift for that special someone in your life. This stunning necklace is a beautiful combination of unique style and classic sophistication with its gorgeous deep grey hematite beading highlighted by a one of a kind, neutral toned agate stone and silver detailing. 
Hematite is believed to help enable your natural state of happiness and joy by absorbing and blocking negative energies, helping to clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and worry. It is also believed to help give you a positive boost and enhance strength in times of need. Agate is known as a protection stone, stimulating one's energy and life force to enable positive vibes, luck, and good fortune. It is also known to help its wearer balance their energies and direct them appropriately.
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