To Mom, with LOVE!

To Mom, with LOVE!

Happy Thursday gorgeous fashion-lovers! Mother's Day is only a few days away and are you still looking for the perfect gift for that extra special woman in your life? Visit Teramasu, located conveniently in The Village in Pinehurst, North Carolina, for that personal shopping experience, and we’ll help you find the perfect meaningful Mother's Day present that she will love. Our store features a selection of unique, handmade jewelry that will be just the thing for that one of a kind person in your life. We also showcase an array of fashionable clothing, purses, and handmade one-of-a-kind scarves that will bring the latest trends right to her wardrobe.

This week, we are loving the classic blue and white pairing in our new jewelry arrivals - the perfect statement piece to show her you love her. Featuring a gorgeous mix of bold blue stones and classic pearl, these timeless pieces will be just as one of a kind as she is.

Black Onyx Mother of Pearl SS One of a Kind Handmade Necklace

This Black Onyx Mother of Pearl necklace is an exquisite piece of jewelry crafted by hand for a truly one of a kind experience. Combining the timeless beauty of Black Onyx and the brilliant Mother of Pearl, this necklace soars above all others in exquisite style. Perfect for adding a touch of refinement and luxury to any outfit.. 18 inch plus Pendant.

Black Onyx helps its wearer build strength, and the energy of this stone is said to encourage wise decision-making while also inspiring happiness and good fortune through its comforting and healing properties. A beautiful but powerful protection stone, Black Onyx is known to absorb and convert negative forces while preventing the drain of its wearer’s own energy. 

"Baroque pearls" are asymmetrical pearls that are naturally formed in mollusks. Pearls are truly one-of-a-kind amongst other gemstones because they don’t come from the earth but are of the sea. Pearls are considered to be the only gemstone naturally produced by living creatures (mollusks) and when it comes to their natural beauty, baroque pearls require no special shaping or enhancing in order to make the most of their radiant exquisiteness. Their natural shine and gloss (which has become its signature trademark) has been treasured and cherished since ancient times well into fashion and Hollywood icons, ensuring that pearl jewelry always remains in style. Pearls are the perfect, meaningful stone as they are said to symbolize purity, generosity, integrity, as well as loyalty in its wearer. It has also been believed to promote knowledge, morality, and prosperity.  Pearl jewelry is considered to be the perfect accessory for brides on their wedding day, reflecting both tradition and class throughout cultures.

Turquoise Gold Pomegranate Handmade Necklace

Turquoise Gold Pomegranate Handmade Necklace

This stunning Turquoise Gold Pomegranate Handmade Necklace adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any look. Its intricate gold pomegranate design is complemented by the subtle brilliance of a turquoise stone, defining it as a piece of fine art that can be worn with pride. Measures 18 inch plus pendant.

Turquoise is recognized as one of the oldest stones in history, having been worn by warriors and kinds. It is known as a stone of strength and friendship, offering its wearer protection from negative energies while also offering feelings of peace. Turquoise is seen as a very meaningful and personal stone, and is believed to carry wisdom and kindness. 

Teramasu Sapphire Blue Square Crystal with Crystal Rhinestones Leverback Gold Drop Earrings

Gorgeous, handmade designer Teramasu Sapphire Blue Square Crystal with Crystal Rhinestones Leverback Gold Drop Earrings. These little beauties have a real wow factor and some major sparkle. They feature gorgeous deep sapphire blue, square-cut  crystals surrounded by crystal rhinestones, all set in a classic gold leverback drop setting. Earring drop measures approx. 1 inch.

Teramasu Hand-Painted Porcelain Blue Crystal Gold Filled Lever back Gold Drop Earrings

Unveil your inner elegance with these exquisite Teramasu Hand-Painted Porcelain Blue Crystal Gold Filled Lever back Gold Drop Earrings. Hand-crafted from luxurious gold-filled metals and adorned with opulent blue crystals, these earrings capture the beauty and sophistication of traditional luxury. With their striking appeal, they bring an air of exquisite refinement to your look.

Luxury Baroque Pearl Gratitude Bracelet 14K Gold Filled in Navy Blue Agate   Clarity  Strength  Motivation

With regard to the meaning behind this gorgeously designed bracelet, Tigers Eye is believed to help you to release fear and anxiety, aiding in feelings of harmony and balance while enforcing mental strength. It is also believed to stimulate taking action and decision making, helping you make choices with thought and understandingIt helps to balance emotions so that your mind can be effective and achieve positive results. 

The Gratitude Collection was created to inspire you with an positive message that a heart full of gratitude will invite abundance into your life. By wearing these one of a kind bracelets, you are reminded of that message each day with beauty composed of handmade jewelry design by Teramasu in our studio in the Village of Pinehurst North Carolina. Each bracelet comes wrapped and displayed in a classic black and white box, Teramasu Gratitude Bracelet description booklet, and black and white bow. 

About Teramasu:
The style behind Teramasu designs has always been that of classic and timeless beauty, adding splashes of color and playful designs to reflect the spark of its unique personality. Teramasu is built on the belief that to create a beautiful design you must focus on the true source of beauty which comes from within yourself. The Teramasu Boutique in The Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina features elegant style through its collections of designer women's jewelry, clothing, accessories and home décor…pairing your favorite trends with timeless classic design ensuring that true beauty never fades.

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