✨ Shine in new style inspiration from Teramasu

✨ Shine in new style inspiration from Teramasu

Cheers to the holiday season fashion-lovers! Shine in gorgeous new style inspiration from Teramasu. This week we are loving classic black and white highlighted by bold gold. We invite you to experience handmade luxury with The Designer Jewelry Collection by Terrie Moses Design. For designer Terrie, the key to crafting exquisite designs lies in recognizing that true beauty emanates from within. With each new day, she approached her work with a heart brimming with gratitude, knowing that gratitude becomes the driving force behind her artistry.

Classic Design ensuring that true beauty never fades

Terrie Moses Design is a reflection of Terrie’s love for the ocean and rekindled memories of seaside lifestyle, while also incorporating her love of gardening and her favorite design element of nature and flowers. The style behind Terrie Moses Designs has always been that of classic and timeless beauty, adding splashes of color and playful designs to reflect the spark of its unique personality. Terrie Moses Design is built on the belief that to create a beautiful design you must focus on the true source of beauty which comes from within yourself. The Terrie Moses Design Studio is located in The Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina it features elegant style through its collections of designer handmade jewelry, clothing, and home décor…pairing your favorite trends with timeless classic design ensuring that true beauty never fades.

Adorable little black dress


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Read more about the latest designs and Terrie Moses' story in The Designer Diary.

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