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Lemon Topaz Patina Clover Drop Earrings

Lemon Topaz Patina Clover Drop Earrings 

Yellow Topaz is a gemstone used to match your intentions,  with the Divine Universe. The energy of this gemstone is said to attract the right people into your life to help you achieve your goals and guide you to new friendships.

Lemon Topaz Clover Drop earrings by Teramasu

This exquisite Topaz gemstone is a November birthstone, and it is used beautifully in this jewelry design to make these stunning statement earrings. The Patina Clover Drop earring is a classic earring with a modern twist.

Teramasu's handmade earrings come in several styles including the Aqua Chalcedony Patina Clover drop earring.



November 11, 2016 by Kevin King
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