Friday Favorite: The Perfect Classic & Neutral Statement Necklace from Teramasu

Friday Favorite: The Perfect Classic & Neutral Statement Necklace from Teramasu
Happy Friyay gorgeous fashion lovers!! At Teramasu, our dream is to inspire and create timeless beauty, and we are thrilled to be able to help continue beautifying your gorgeous lifestyle with our one of a kind handmade designer jewelry! On this beautiful friday, we are popping the champagne in celebration of warmer days, the first day of June, and upcoming weekend with you and our gorgeous Teramasu Freshwater Pearl and One of a Kind Brown Agate Pendant Necklace...the perfect meaningful necklace for your unique style that combines classic sophistication with gorgeous neutrals. This absolutely stunning necklace features beautiful freshwater pearls on knotted silk, a truly one of a kind brown agate stone pendant, all tied together with silver and gold accents. We especially love the look of this necklace paired with the neutrals in our Teramasu Labradorite Earrings!!
Pearls are the perfect, meaningful stone as they are said to symbolize purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer while also promoting knowledge, morality, and prosperity. Brown Agate is a meaningful stone with strong ties to the earth and connections to natural energies. It is believed to be a protection stone with calming and healing energies, while also providing help with problem solving and inner reflection. 
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