Brilliant Colorful Flower Rings for Spring and Summer

Wild Flower Rings

Hi this is Terrie from Teramasu and I'm very excited to announce our new flower rings for spring. They come in a wide variety of bright beautiful colors. They are stretchable rings and allow you to have a ring for any occasion one-size-fits-most so let's go ahead and get through the rings that we have in this collection for Spring and Summer. First in the Teramasu flower ring collection is the turquoise ring as can see has the gold leaf around the edge of it set very ornate detail and there's a crystal in the center so this is perfect for matching up with all your favorite blues and turquoise colors.




This ring would be the perfect accessory for a pair of the Helens Heart blue leopard shoes or perhaps the Helens heart turquoise short boots or the Helens heart turquoise tall western bling boots.

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The next ring that we're going to look at is the yellow flower ring and it's got the beautiful gold around it and this would be perfect with a white dress and possibly with the white shoes from Helens Heart.




This ring would be a perfect accessory to go with a yellow handbag so you can check out the Teramasu black-and-white pattern clutch or the yellow designer clutch handbag by Teramasu would be a perfect accessory to go with the black peep toe slide sandals from Helen’s Heart.



The next ring is a beautiful coral orange stretch ring and it looks magnificent with the gold it would be perfect with the Helen’s Heart orange stripe shoes. This would also look good with brown leopard shoes it would be great with a white dress or a little black dress.



The final ring in this collection would be the white flower ring. Of course this is perfect for the black-and-white dress also for the Teramasu black-and-white purse this would be great with the cha-cha dress it's a fantastic ring for accessorizing with black-and-white. These rings are fun and flirty, Which ring will be your favorite?

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