Helens Heart Bling Boots Review

Helens Heart Bling Boots Review

This review Shows how to Wear Bling Boots with a variety different out fits from Game day to Bridal, Helens Heart boots are the perfect country western boots to add a splash of sparkle to any outfit.

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Kevin: This is Kevin King with Teramasu. And today, we're talking about Helens Heart bling boots. And Terrie is with me here today. And she's going to start talking about these outfits and some of the different ways that you can wear the Helens Heart bling boots. So tell us about this first one here, Terrie.
Turquoise Bling Boots Moonstone earrings Taylor Swift
Terrie: Yes, in this first fashion set, we have the Helens Heart bling boots in turquoise. The turquoise boots, the tall boots, have a zipper on the side, and they are about three and a half inches tall. The turquoise boots, of course, goes perfect with yellow. And we have the moonstone and yellow gemstone earrings from the design studio of Teramasu along with a pashmina in turquoise and yellow. We also have Taylor Swift is on the cover of the Elle magazine wearing an adorable yellow dress. This whole ensemble that we have at teramasu.com is perfect together and just awesome for spring.


Kevin: Yeah, the yellow is really hot for spring, obviously, because we can see Taylor Swift is in it. So it must be hot. So no one's hotter than Taylor Swift right now. So let's go ahead on to our next ensemble. And let's just see what you've put together here, Terrie. So tell us a little bit about this outfit right here. Now, I see the black and white and the elephant. Those are perfect for a southern school that I happen to know about. Why don't you tell us a little bit about that?


Teramasu Style Inspiration | Chic & Bold Winter

Terrie: Well, we have the Helens Heart Gold bling boots here. Gold is so hot right now, gold with black and white, gold with pink. We also have our Lucky the elephant from Teramasu design studio, teramasu.com, along with our black and white chevron tunic bell sleeve top. And of course, this would be perfect for Alabama, outfit for that special game that you're going to or out on the town at night. The gold boots look perfect with the tunic top.

Kevin: Yeah, and that elephant is gold-filled on a gold-filled chain. And then the chevron dress, the black and white, of course, perfect for Alabama and so is the elephant. And of course, the boots with the chevron dress, really hot right now, so that's a great outfit. So let's move on down. And tell us a little bit about this shot right here.

Western Bling Boots with Pink cowgirl Hat

Terrie: We have again Helens Heart bling boots in hot pink and also the pastel pink, is such a perfect color especially for prom. And right now, we are in prom season. So the pink also goes great with the gold. And also, if you have that little special cowgirl hat that you'd like to put with it, it's really great. What's also special about the Helens Heart boots is that they really sparkle. So if you really want to put your best foot forward for sparkle boots, we have them at teramasu.com.

Kevin: Okay, let's go on to our next ensemble here. And we're getting to the next. . . And then we have the Shine In Silver bling boots here. And they've got a heavenly shine to them.

Heavenly Shiny Silver Bridal Bling Boots

Terrie: The silver boots, of course, perfect. Again, this is the tall boot from Helens Heart. Well, we talk about weddings with this boot. Also comes in white, but silver has also been a top pick for brides. Also, if you have bridesmaids dresses, you may want to match them up to different colors of the Helens Heart boots. They come in ten different colors for your perfect wedding.

Kevin: Yeah, they're perfect for the bridesmaids. With all of these different colors, you can match up just about any bridesmaid outfit that you want with the Helens Heart boots. So now, this just shows another way to put together an outfit with Helens Heart.
Short Bling Boots for a night on the town
Terrie: A great way to wear your boots is to wear them with skinny white jeans and a really great tunic top. Here we have hot pink again matched up with a chevron orange pink and white printed blouse from Teramasu. And the boots really are nice because they're not so tight around the calf so that you can put your jeans or your leggings inside the boots.

Kevin: Perfect outfit, and, of course, pink is perfect for spring. There are so many different ways to wear the Helen's Heart boots because you have so many different colors of the Helen's Heart boots. And I know that we have also the short boot. Tell us a little bit about that.

Terrie: Yeah, we have the short boot here which is a pull-on boot. The heel on this is about two and a half to three. Also comes in all the colors here that you see. Also a great option if you want to wear them for spring and summer. Be adorable with a nice little short dress with your boots. Again, they all sparkle with sequins on the outside of course. And they're just very, very comfortable. This boot fits a medium-width foot. They're just adorable.

Kevin: And how much height does this heel have on it? Is it the same as the tall one?

Terrie: Yes. As I mentioned before, it's about two and a half to three inches.

Kevin: So it gives you a nice little lift there and just really accents or punches any outfit with all the different colors that you have here. So it's a perfect accessory to get that country or western look. And it's nice to have those Helen's Heart boots to really spring up your outfit for spring.

Terrie: Well, I have so many customers that tell me how comfortable this boot is and how, when they put the boot on, they just feel so special. And all of their friends are asking, "Where did you get your boots?" And of course, they tell them, teramasu.com.

Kevin: All right. Well, thanks for tuning in at Teramasu. And you can check out these boots. And you can click the link in the description below this video, and it'll take you to Helen's Heart, our bling boots sale, which is going on right now. And these are also the perfect gift for Mother's Day or for your girlfriend or your wife or your daughter. Check out Helens Heart boots at teramasu.com. Thanks for tuning in.

Kevin: Okay, here are the turquoise Bling boots live. And let's just pick those up and take a look at them. Tell me what you would wear these with Terrie.

Terrie: Okay, yeah. We have the tall turquoise boots from Helen's Heart, and we're here in the Teramasu store in Southern Pines, North Carolina. What's great about these boots, all of the boots come with a nonskid bottom. And it's absolutely beautiful. So they're very comfortable as well as being a nonskid on the bottom. The heel on it is about three inches. Also, we have the side zipper which is easy to put on for the shoe. 

Kevin: And what colors would you wear these with? Obviously, we've got them in front of the yellow skirt right here. 

Terrie: Yes, we have them with our turquoise and yellow set right here. Also, we've just started putting out our Navajo jewelry from Teramasu. You can find that on Teramasu.com.

We have the starfish enamel necklace here, and then we have some bracelets. We have a lot more. We just now started putting things out. 

Also, we have the starfish earrings right here, too, as well, and then also the coral with the starfish earrings.

What's great about the Helen's Heart boots is they can be worn in the summer. They're very nice. They're very nice and lightweight, so they really look adorable with a short skirt or a little short tunic dress. Also looks well with our Sea Life jewelry. And also, over here we have a paisley pashmina, very nice and lightweight, and we love the colors in this.

Kevin: And that's got the yellow and turquoise. So you've got yellow and turquoise with the boots in turquoise and then you've got the yellow skirt. And then we've got the Sea Life jewelry that you can mix in there with the different colors, lots of turquoise. We've got a triple starfish gold starfish necklace charm necklace. And let's see. What other color boots do we have in the tall boots here? What color is this?

Terrie: We also have . . . This is the . . .

Kevin: Turn them sideways, please, so we can get a full look at them.

Terrie: This is the blue Helen's Heart tall Bling boot, also again with the nonskid bottom.

Kevin: Oh, you can really see that iridescent glow off of that.

Terrie: Yeah, you can see the iridescent glow. 

Kevin: Really sparkly and shiny there, isn't it?

Terrie: What's great about these, this is blue with black stitching, and they look amazing with blue jeans. They're just awesome, very comfortable again, and the blue goes with so many outfits. 

Kevin: So this is the full Bling boot. Show me the short boot. I think we have one of those over here.

Terrie: I think we have the short boot over here. We can take a look. 

Kevin: And these are just some of the Helen's Heart shoes right here. And they have Swarovski crystals on them, right? So you want to pull those short boots and just bring them over here.

Terrie: These are the Helen's Heart Bling short boots in bronze. This is a pull on boot. And what's also great is that there's plenty of width here for you to pull that on. It's very nice and comfortable around you, a little bit higher than an ankle on your calf, and they're not tight boots.

This heel's about two and a half inches, and also, too, it has the nonskid bottom, which is perfect. Bronze brown is a great color for summertime. I like the short boots for summer, because they just really look adorable with the little dress or shorts. You could also wear shorts with it. We're featuring it here with a little beige and black dress here with the tool on the outside. Very cute, very fun little dress there. 

And then, we've dressed it up with a little bit of Bling jewelry, that you can see - our flower bracelet, which is amazing that has the bronze and the gold and the little pearl colors in the necklace. And then we also have it in our earrings. So you can dress the boots up. You can dress them down. You can add more bling to it if you're a bling girl. So they really are amazing. And again, they come in ten different colors.

Kevin: So what are the colors that they come in? 

Terrie: They come in the pink, in a hot pink, bronze, white and silver. Of course, again, perfect for weddings.

Kevin: I think you have the gray also over here. You want to just bring those over. This is the short boot. And over here, these are the full boots. And of course, this is the turquoise and the blue. And then now, you're bringing in the gray.

Terrie: Yes.

Kevin: Can I have you just put them on the table right here. 

Terrie: These are the gray. You can see the gray boot here and it has the light gray stitching on it. 

Kevin: And I'm just going to do a close-up of each of these, so you can see the different colors up close, what these look like with all the sequins. So this is the blue. It's a dark blue. Very iridescent.

Terrie: If you really want a bit of a lighter colored boot, we also have the pink. And this is your light pink boot here, very sparkly. Of course, this boot comes in the tall, and all of them also come in the short boot. 

Pink Sequin Cowgirl Bling Boots Helens Heart

Kevin: And then this also comes in a hot pink which is . . .

Terrie: Comes in fuchsia hot pink, very nice.

Kevin: Right, which is on our site, Teramasu.com as well.

Terrie: You can check that out. 

Kevin: And I think what is really nice is they also have those shoes that Helen's Heart does, that are only crystal. 

Terrie: Yeah, we have the . . .

Kevin: Bring some of those here.

Terrie: Oh, sure. We have the Helen's Heart shoes and they have the wedge built right into them, which gives you about a two inch lift. This is the leopard print in blue. And it has a little sparkle on the toe here. Very comfortable. We have been carrying these for years. And everyone, all the women love them, because it is a slide shoe, very, very comfortable. And it gives you about a two inch lift which is really nice. 

Kevin: And as we saw the crystal ones over here before.

Terrie: Oh, the white crystal, yeah. We have the white crystal with the crystal bow here. Perfect. Perfect to wear to a wedding. What's great about this shoe is you can kick off and start dancing. Have a fun night in these shoes, but they're very, very comfortable. This shoe, the sparkle with the bow, comes in gold. And it also comes in black. Beautiful shoe and that can be found at Teramasu.com.

Kevin: And then also, I see we have the gold boots. Why don't you bring those over here, right there, the short ones.

Gold Short Bling Boots Helens Heart

Terrie: Sure.

Kevin: Just so we can take a look at the short boots here. This is another one of the colors in the short boots. And I'm just going to do a close-up so you can really see that takes on all the characteristics when you have it in the different lighting, as you can see at different angles, just as you'll be walking in them, it will really throw off a lot of shine on it as well.

And then we have some great accessories to accessorize. This would be perfect for those gold boots right there. And then we've got the coin bracelets from all over the world.

Terrie: We also have the leopard print, which leopard print is so hot. It's summertime, fall, winter. Leopard print just goes with everything. And we're showing the leopard print Helen's Heart shoe here, again with about a two inch wedge, and it also has the sparkle crystals with a glow grain bow on the top. These are very, very popular. 

Kevin: And that's a slide with, would you call that a pig toe? Is that what you call that? 

Terrie: That's a little peep toe there. There's a peep toe there. And then also we have it in the neutral color. And what's great about these, of course, is that it will go with everything. It's really a neutral cream color from Helen's Heart, of course available on Teramasu.com.

Kevin: All right. Well, I think that gives us a pretty good overview of a close-up look of the boots from Helen's Heart with the full Bling western boots and the short boot and then the Helen's Heart slide shoes. And you're going to see much more of this. Come and check out our site at Teramasu.com.

Terrie: What I love about Helen's Heart also is it's all about fun. It's all about having a comfortable shoe, just having great sparkle shoes or casual shoes. But, it's really a fun, fun shoes to wear with all of your outfits.

Kevin: All right. Well, thanks for tuning in. And please like and share this video and check out all the Helen's Heart shoes at Teramasu.com.

This review Shows how to Wear Bling Boots with a variety different out fits from Game day to Bridal, Helens Heart boots are the perfect country western boots to add a splash of sparkle to any outfit.
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