Amazing Starfish Jewelry and Accessories for Spring and Summer!

See a Preview of the newest Starfish Jewelry and Sea Life Accessories from Jewelry to Purses featuring seahorse bracelets and sandollar charm paired with your favorite starfish designs in the Following Video

See the Entire Designer Purse Collection

See All of your Favorite designs featured in Starfish Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces in our Amazing Starfish Jewelry Collection.

See Vivid Jewelry Designs incorporating your favorite Sea Life from Seahorses to Scallop Shells in Teramasu's Spectacular Sea Life Collection.

A transcription of the starfish accessories video is here for your reading pleasure.


 Today I'm doing a preview of the Teramasu Starfish accessories and sea life accessories lines. We're going to start with this beautiful starfish designer clutch handbag, and it's got a little starfish and a little pearl bead on it as well; a really cute bag. And on the inside you'll see that it has a really nice contrasting pattern, black and white lining. Then the next item that we're going to look at here is a beautiful coral orange starfish bracelet, bangle. This bangle actually opens up right at the tail, it's on a hinge. You can see that it's got crystals in the crown and in the eyes, here. This is a beautiful piece, tapered off. Then you're going to see in the front of the next pieces that we're looking at are a starfish and shell bracelet. You've got the scallop shell, the sand dollar shell, and of course the sea horse as well. I'm just going to zoom in on that for you, and you can really see the detail, it's fantastic on these little bracelets. These are stretch bracelets, so one size fits most. Over here to the right we've got a beautiful starfish charm bracelet. I'm just going to zoom in on that, and focus it for you a little bit. You can see all the beautiful starfish charms, and you've got shell charms on as well, over here. Then you have starfish coral pearl beads, and it's a toggle bracelet. So, very nice, beautiful, starfish accessories and you can see we have the beautiful starfish bangle. It's like a wave design, and really has the beautiful crystal eye, and the crystals on this sea horse, and then the starfish and the shell. Right here you can see it also has the crystals on it. They're going to shimmer in the light. We have the sea horse in turquoise, here. Then we have the beautiful black starfish sea life bracelet. That has all the shells, starfish, and the seahorse and the sand dollars on it, like we saw on the last bracelet. Then we also have this in a beautiful turquoise color as well. We've got the starfish, seahorse, sand dollar. Of course, we've got this in an aqua, this beautiful hinged wave bracelet. That one just opens up, so it's a beautiful bangle bracelet. And of course, we have over here the starfish necklaces and earrings. A beautiful charm necklace and it has other sea life on it as well. This actually has a sand dollar and I'm just going to focus in so that you really see the detail in that sand dollar and the starfish. That comes in turquoise and coral, so you have some crystal studded starfish earrings. They come in silver here and we also have them in black. Then we have some really fun starfish bracelets. This has a fish and a seahorse and also the starfish. You can see it comes in different colors here. These are glass beads, and a really nice, beautiful stretch bracelet. These are a seahorse sea life bracelet that features the seahorse in the middle. I'm just going to zoom in on that so you can see it. It comes in coral and white. I'm going to take this down so you can get a really good look at it. And this is our starfish and sea life collection at Thanks for tuning in, and you can check out all of these items by clicking the link in the description below the video. Thank you for tuning in to Teramasu. Please like and share this video.

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