Starfish Jewelry Collection by Teramasu

See the Latest Starfish Accessories for your coastal jewelry collection. Teramasu has one of the best starfish jewelry collections of any boutique in the south. 

Click the following link to shop for all your favorite starfish jewelry and Accessories. 

This Video Features some of our Most popular peices from our Starfish Jewelry Collection

These are the perfect accessories for you next cruise or tropical vacation. Check it out!


Starfish Jewelry Collection Teramasu Starfish Jewelry Collection Featuring Sea Life Charm bracelets and starfish necklaces by


Please enjoy the video transcription of the starfish jewelry collection:


This is the Teramasu starfish jewelry collection, and the first piece we're going to look at is this starfish charm necklace. It has a starfish on it, and it also has a shell with crystals and seahorse with crystals. And then it has another starfish over here in gold. And that's one of our starfish jewelry collection pieces. We also have starfish necklaces in clear and multi-color, and they feature the triple-stranded necklace with beaded pearls and also, it has the triple starfish medallion at the bottom, which has the little faux pearl in the center along with the crystals on each piece. One of our most popular pieces in our collection is the starfish charm bracelet, which features the shells, the faux shells, faux pearls, and the starfish. Also, we have the clear starfish beaded bracelet, which is a stretch bracelet, and this comes in three different colors: the clear and the multi-color coral and green and the turquoise on the right over here. We also have the starfish sea life bracelet, which is a triple-stranded bracelet, which has a fish and a seahorse and also the starfish on the end and the seahorse in the middle. And they're all studded in crystals. And we have the two starfish charm bracelet. It actually has two starfish on it. It has a small starfish here, and then it has the larger starfish. And it also comes in the turquoise and green colors. So that's our starfish jewelry collection. And you can find the starfish jewelry collection at And this is the perfection collection for a trip that you have coming up, maybe for a cruise or if you're going to a resort vacation. This is the perfect accessory to wear, the starfish jewelry at Teramasu.

by Kevin King

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